Why Frozen is my Favorite Disney Movie EVER!

We watch Frozen like literally all day every day in the Friedman house. Carver and his best buddy at childcare argue over whether or not they can be Elsa or Anna. Carver has sparkly blue Frozen rain boots. I’m constantly singing “Do you wanna build a snowman?” I bought fake snow balls so Carver could pretend to make snow like Elsa.

Recently, Frozen II came out. We have an awesome theater about 20 minutes from our house and while you have to wait awhile for the movie to get there, it is only $1 for a ticket!

You can read more on our trip to the theater here on my mom’s blog: https://www.joscountryjunction.com/at-the-movies-frozen-ii/

Here’s the trailer:

Here are 5 reasons why Frozen is my FAVORITE Disney movie ever!

  1. Elsa does not need a man! Not once does she have a love interest in either movie. My absolute FAVORITE scene in the movie is when she is determined to get to the island of Ahtohallan she has to learn how to tame the water – there’s this amazing scene of her getting knocked down and pulled back into the water and fighting with this horse in the water in the same sea/same storm that killed her parents. She overcomes the horse and tames it and rides off to the island. She embraces her powers and lives in Harmony where she feels like she finally belongs. I felt so liberated FOR HER! She is not worried about some guy! She’s got her kingdom to save! When she needed to be saved, she called her sister. Talk about GIRL POWER!
  2. How many Disney movies can you think of where this average GUY is head over heels for the PRINCESS?? NONE! But Kristoff is the hopeless romantic head over heels for Anna and I just love it. Anna is pretty clueless that he is trying to propose the entire movie! Not only that but Anna is the QUEEN who marries average non – royalty Kristoff – usually the BOY is the prince and makes the girl the princess. Not in this franchise!
  3. My absolute favorite part is when Elsa realizes her grandfather was a bad man who tricked the natives and caused the mist to come over the forest. She immediately knows she has to right the wrong and is no longer loyal to her ancestors knowing they were on the wrong side of history. What an excellent example of being able to tell right from wrong no matter how you were raised and for standing up for what is right.
  4. THE. MUSIC. IS. SO. EPIC. The soundtrack has actually broken records for how popular it is. I’m listening to it as I write this blog post.
  5. “Our love is not fragile!” OMG. My heart melted when I heard this line from Kristoff. Like, you can’t get rid of me that easy! I’m here to stay no matter how ugly it gets! He followed it with “I’m here, what do you need?”
  6. The fire lizard was so incredibly adorable and probably my favorite character.
  7. I said I was only going to write 5 reasons why I loved the movie so much but #7 is Olaf. He is just…I love that snowman.

Anyway! Those are all why I loved Frozen 2! I highly recommend! Some of the concepts are a little deep but that is why I love Disney movies!


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