What else is true?

Hey friends!! Sorry I’ve been MIA, tonight is my last night shift of three in a row and I haven’t had the time to get any thoughts on paper.

As you may know, I’ve been on a sort of health journey for a few months now and more than restricting or making rules for myself, I’ve been learning a lot about how I think about food and my relationship with food. I wanted to share something that has been really helping me. Four words: what else is true?

Full credit for this idea/concept goes to one of my favorite thought leaders in the “diet” industry, Elizabeth Benton, author of Chasing Cupcakes and founder of Primal Potential. Here’s an example of how this thought works for me!

There is pizza in the break room. I hear this almost every night I work. Maybe a doctor or a leader has splurged on pizza for the unit or maybe someone brought doughnuts. My first reaction is GARLIC KNOTS!!! Heck yeah. Love me some free pizza. But then, I use my new tool: What else is true?

Yes I would like some pizza but I’ve been tracking how I feel after I eat certain foods. Here’s what else is true:

Yes, pizza sounds great but I already ate supper.

Yes, pizza sounds awesome, but I’m already four hours into a 16 hour fast.

I love dominos garlic knots but they also make me feel greasy, bloated, and crappy.

I want pizza right now, but what else is true:

I’m really not that hungry.

I had a really good day of healthy eating.

I’ll have to start my fast over again.

That wasn’t something I had planned into my macros for the day.

I choose foods that make me feel good.

I don’t like eating junk food this late at night.

Here’s also how that can work in relationships:

Craig didn’t do ANYTHING around the house this weekend while I was working! UGH! Okay, what else is true?

Yesterday was Craig’s only day off.

He spent the morning in the garage working on a project with the boys.

I also didn’t get anything done around the house this weekend.

I know it is hard for me to get anything done when I don’t have help with the boys.

Craig did everything I asked him to do. I really can’t expect more than that when we both have busy work weeks.

The kids were clean and bathed and Carver got what he needed to get back to school this week!

Here is how it got me to work out the other morning: I’m so tired, I don’t want to get out of bed. What else is true?

I committed to working out this morning when I set my alarm last night.

if I don’t workout this morning, I won’t be able to again until Thursday and that doesn’t align with my goal of consistency.

I know I feel good about myself when I make sure to move my body every day that I don’t work. I want to feel good about my body more than I want to hit snooze again.

Ta-dah! Just a little snippet of some of the thought reprogramming that is working for me and it’s so important to my health journey!

Thanks for reading friends!


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  1. Sally
    October 5, 2020 / 11:33 pm

    I haven’t heard about the “what else is true?” method. It sounds great. Good for not only health goals but, like your example with Craig, for relationships too. Probably for any decisions. It sounds so similar to asking your self “what do I want most?”……..as in….My son asks if we can go to Walmart tonight…..I ask why…..he says he just wants to look at a few things (probably not buy because he doesn’t have much money)…..I am thinking how much I really just want to stay home (after a long day at work) and just relax……but I ask myself “what do I want most?”…..and I realize I want the opportunity to spend time with my son and that is more important. (Lol…going to Walmart isn’t the best example….) Thank you for sharing your new way of thinking. Sounds like it’s working well for you!

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