What a WEEK!

I’ve had SUCH a good week off! I didn’t intend to have the week off but I wasn’t needed for the two call shifts I was scheduled for so I’ve been at home now for about a week and a half! It has been awesome! I’m headed back to work this weekend and it will be good to get back to work!

There are signs of Spring all around the Friedman home – I got a few pictures to prove it:

Craig really only drinks energy drinks in the Spring and Fall so those are stocked in the fridge. The boys and I are eating supper alone – usually working on puzzles, flash cards, or reading books at the supper table. Craig has been gone sun up to sun down since Monday – which hasn’t been too bad because I’ve been home. He is working on spraying anhydrous. The weather has been cooperative thus far. I brought him out some food from the bar (our favorite bar – read why it’s our favorite here: I Love this Bar: Riverside) and snapped a few pics.

I’ve spent lots of time with Gannon and Georgia (Georgia is my niece – only born 1 week apart from my son Gannon) and boy is she a spit fire! We just adore her and I’m so glad I got to bond with her this week! Gannon has been so goofy and I’ve loved spending all day with him!

I’ve spent a ton of time at my mom’s too – we are working on a top secret project coming up in early May! I was taste testing cookies for her the other day, then it was blueberry bars, then it was banana whoopie pies – she’s always got something good! But the other night, I was the one doing the baking! I’m working to master my mom’s bread dough she uses to make her world famous cinnamon rolls and pizza! I didn’t to too bad EXCEPT I used all purpose flour instead of bread flour – which was a bummer but otherwise I think I did pretty good!

And last but not least, my brother Karl is just amazing. He came and had a lego night with the boys which was so fun and so nice so I could package some Etsy orders.

Speaking of Etsy orders, I am just about SOLD OUT of shirts! I just placed a big order again tonight! I’m so so excited and it has been a super fun week packaging orders – Carver has been helping all week and he gets so excited every time my phone dings and we get a new order! Some of you even got a thank you note signed by Carver in your order! I’m super low on sizes right now but I’m not going to discourage you from checking out my Etsy shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/kalissageorgia?ref=search_shop_redirect

I will announce next week when we are restocked and back in business!

That’s all I know for now folks, thanks for reading!

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  1. Joanne
    April 9, 2021 / 7:33 pm

    Your shirts are so very clever. Love your thank you notes and the handwritten part by Carver is priceless.

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