Weekend Home Improvement

It’s been a LONG time since Craig and I got serious about any home projects. Partially because we’ve been really focusing on getting out of debt, partially because it’s just been a really crazy few months. That all changed last Sunday. With a burst of energy and motivation and my Mom who was watching the boys, Craig and I took off for Menards to get supplies to finish a few projects around the house.

There’s been this pesky little area of the house, right between the toy room and the bathroom. It’s easy to ignore or skip over, I’ve started and finished this little “nook” a dozen times. Here’s what it looked like in 2018:

And then here it sat. I’d touch up the paint one day, Craig would make a few pieces of trim here and there, we eventually finished the flooring, I eventually decided on a mirror there, slowly but surely this little nook was coming to life. We finally got to a point where it looked “decent” but the doors and trim didn’t match. So I got to work painting and Craig got to work replacing the door.

This threshold into the bathroom has always been an issue but we think we finally found a solution. It’s a good two inch “step” to get onto the tile in the bathroom which we didn’t love and took us awhile to land on this solution. Craig made this perfectly carved piece of wood to fit perfectly.

Another issue, the trim needed some help. Craig made the trim himself but our house is far from perfectly square so there are a lot of gaps and spaces and nail holes that needed to be filled. I saw an instagram reel that suggested filling in the gaps and nail holes with caulk and it worked like a charm! I highly recommend this hack! Keep in mind these “after pictures” are really more “during pictures” – still plenty of touch up to do but it’s a huge difference.

Here’s a final look at the progress we’ve made. I say “progress” because I still need to touch up a few spots and clean up my mess. It looks GREAT so far. It really brightened up the area. It’s amazing how much work such a tiny little space really needs, every time I turned around I missed a spot or there was an area that hadn’t been painted yet. UGH! I guess that’s just home remodeling!

My favorite part was planning and completing the project with Craig. He taught me how to replace a door and install the handle. Everything we did we worked together. Next up, we’ve been reading up on how to texture our bathroom ourselves! Stay tuned!

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  1. Hedy
    July 11, 2022 / 2:38 pm

    It looks great. Those little jobs are so much work. We have a small (tiny) half bath and it had 60 year old ceramic tile in a weird color, maybe ivory pale yellow, if that’s a word. I took a hammer to it and salvaged 3 boxes of tile and gave it away. Then the walls had to be plastered as the glue would not come off. Then the walls had to be painted, the medicine cabinet, vanity and toilet had to be re-installed. He is now putting the new toilet paper holder and hand towel thingy on the wall. Then I get to scrub the old yellow tile and hang pictures. All this for a small bathroom. So I totally understand why it takes so long to do a small space. But it looks great now in your house. One job at a time does it.

  2. Elle
    July 11, 2022 / 3:41 pm

    My little sister said the 2nd trimester she had a TON of energy and motivation so she got a lot done as well.

    Looks great!!!! Congrats on another success in your home, you’re doing great. (It took us 17y to finish our rehab 😉 you have lots of time left. LOL

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