WEEK 4: FINAL WEEK of the Great Cupboard Cleanout!

So as you know, my mom and I are working on the The GREAT CUPBOARD CLEAN OUT! and you can catch my post from Week 1: Great Cupboard Clean Out! and WEEK TWO: Great Cupboard Cleanout! and WEEK THREE: Great Cupboard Cleanout!

Awesome news guys – we are hitting the last week of the Great Cupboard Cleanout and I’ve achieved my goal – I’ve spent less than $400 in groceries in an entire month! The past 3 months we’ve averaged $750 PER MONTH in just groceries and I’m really happy with this shift in intentionality when preparing food for my family!

While mom was the one with the inventory problem, I was definitely the one with the budget problem and this past month has been AWESOME and a great learning experience. Not only did our grocery budget decrease, but our restaurant budget has ALSO decreased! Maybe because Craig is in the field, maybe because I’m actually more aware of what is in our cupboards, but we’ve hardly eaten out at all!

I’ve been perfecting my pizza recipe – Craig says this was my best one yet! I’ve been putting black olives on everything. Carver was so excited to help with the toppings!

I’ve also been eating a TON of salads! I just LOVE salads! I talked about this in week 3 of the Great Cupboard cleanout. I can’t wait to plant my herb garden with cilantro and green onions and all of the goodies!

I’ve also been working to prep food for Craig to eat when he gets home late – this tried and true meatball recipe is my GO TO and is available on my mom’s blog! These were great with mashed potatoes! https://www.joscountryjunction.com/meatballs-for-hungry-men-and-women-too/

Make sure to jump on over to Jo’s Country Junction (http://joscountryjunction.com) to check out how mom is doing with her Great Cupboard Cleanout! Thanks for reading friends!

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  1. Elle
    May 12, 2021 / 2:47 pm

    Congrats on your successes this last month! I look forward to hearing about your continued food prep and budget meals moving forward 🙂

  2. Susan+the+Farm+Quilter
    May 12, 2021 / 10:02 pm

    Amazing things happen when we take the time to become intentional in all our actions!! Well done!!! Plus you are teaching Carver the essential life skill of cooking for himself when he needs to (or when you decide he is old enough to start helping the family by cooking dinner on a regular basis!!). Plus it is a fun activity that you can share with your family!

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