As many of you have seen from my mom’s blog (you can check that post out here) or from the videos I posted on my Facebook page, (you can see those here) that we had massive flash flooding last night in our area along with a tornado warning. Mom gives a pretty detailed run down of that in her blog post so check that out.

We just got home, we as in me and the boys. Craig has been out since 3 am sandbagging and helping out. We all were home long enough to nap and then we headed back out to help sandbag in Alpha – a town not too far from us. They have a different creek/river run through their town.

I felt so bad, I had to call into work tonight. There are so many road closures in the area, travel is not advised in ours and in neighboring counties. All of the main highways I take to work are closed due to water over the road or damaged roads. Secondary roads (gravel) are twice as bad. For my safety, I couldn’t get in to work and I feel awful about it. I thought I had a route mapped out if I drove an hour south to get on the highway I needed until there was another road closure that cancelled my back up back up plan. I remember the flooding being really bad in the past but NEVER have I seen this many road closures and wash outs.

These are not my pictures, credit to Michelle Englehardt – these are on one of the roads I could take to work just 15 or so miles from our house.

Here are some pictures I took early this morning when we walked around town with the boys to check out the damage.

Even if the road is intact, the shoulders of the road have totally washed away. it’s so sad, this was on a brand new road built earlier this Summer. Friends of ours have a bridge in their driveway – the second oldest bridge in the whole county, built in 1910 and the whole bridge was swept away.

Anyway, this isn’t the first flood, it may be the worst flood, but it won’t be the last one. I vividly remember the flood of 2008 (along with some crazy other wacky weather that year) and in 2016 when I was waddling around Waucoma 9 months pregnant with Carver checking out the flood damage. One thing I don’t remember is the road closures – there is NO TRAVEL ADVISED in most of our area. I don’t even remember this much road damage or road closures. We will assess the damage once the water dies down again.

Anywho, that’s the scoop! Check out the videos on my Facebook page here. https://www.facebook.com/thepinkshoelaces


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