Wacky Wednesday

Did I mention my bank account got hacked?

If you’re following along with my wild week – it’s been a while week. check out these posts here to read about Weekend/Monday: A Wild Weekend and a Manic Monday and here to read about Tuesday

I went to pay an invoice for my business and it wouldn’t accept my card. I quadruple checked the numbers and I was certain it was correct so I called my bank. They had suspended my card for a suspicious transaction of $1,020 to a company called Spectrum. They gave me the phone number associated with the transaction. I eventually made it to a customer service rep who confirmed they had no one by my name as a customer and that people can hack transactions and make it look like it came from their company when it didn’t. They were an internet and cable provider who don’t even have service coverage in our area, nor do they sell anything that would cost that price.

Thankfully the card was changed and all is well again. I keep an extremely close eye on my accounts but I didn’t used to and I could’ve easily miss transactions like that. Very thankful for my bank’s security!

Next up on the list of drama began right away at 8 am when I was changing the laundry – I looked up and saw this:

I knew what it was, I knew this day was coming. Our upstairs shower has one teeny tiny corner that doesn’t have any water proof sheeting over it – I don’t ever think much about it because it is usually covered up by the shower curtain. Our shower was leaking into our ceiling.

All in all, this isn’t a huge deal because we have a downstairs shower that we can use in the mean time but what I was hoping would wait until we are out of debt can no longer wait and we will need to replace our shower. Carver and I have been discussing the difference between renting a house and owning a house – this was a great example of a time I would have loved to call the land lord and let them deal with it.

And finally, I was upstairs when I heard a commotion going on down stairs. Carver races to me, out of breath and says “MOM! Gannon threw a wrench at the TV!” Sure enough, Gannon busted our TV. There goes another $350 down the drain. It’s not all bad, we had one corner of the TV going dim anyway but something we weren’t prioritizing to replace at this time (very similar to our shower).

I’m hoping for an extremely uneventful Thursday but now that I put that into the universe, I’m sure it will be anything but uneventful. Pray for me ya’ll.

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  1. January 13, 2022 / 3:49 pm

    I’m not a tv watcher, so I would be a mean Mom and not replace the tv for awhile to prove a point. lol Nice that your bank was on top of the charge. A couple of years ago, my business card was hacked and someone bought almost 1100.00 at walmart grocery online in another state and they didn’t catch that as fraud. A state, that I have never been, too.

  2. pam
    January 13, 2022 / 5:05 pm

    I had my cc compromised with a Spectrum transaction also!! Mine was only half as much as yours, tho. I had just had my card compromised about 2 months before. Had to go thru all that again.

  3. Cindy K
    January 13, 2022 / 10:32 pm

    I AM a TV watcher, but I agree with Jen. I would not rush out to replace that TV. Glad your bank caught the fraud activity.

  4. Susan the Farm Quilter
    January 14, 2022 / 12:04 am

    Makes me appreciate my Discover card all the more. I’m never liable for charges I didn’t make and I get a replacement card the next day. Never carry a balance on it, earn money back on charges…works for me. Glad your bank was on the ball!!! Wild ride for you so far this year!!

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