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I’ll admit, I’m about 2 weeks late on making this blog post! It was supposed to go live on nurses day but that didn’t happen! But here we go!

Ya’ll IT IS NURSES WEEK! I love May because NURSE’S DAY is in May, my BIRTHDAY is in May, and my anniversary of becoming a nurse is in May!

In May 2014, I passed my LPN boards to become a Licensed Practical Nurse (after one year of nursing school) and in May of 2015 I passed my RN boards to become a registered nurse at the age of 20 (barely!) I graduated nursing school when I was still just 19 and took my boards a few days after turning 20 – I was such a baby nurse and honestly just a baby human! Looking back now I can appreciate how young I was jumping headfirst into the profession of nursing.

May also marks 10 years in healthcare as I started as a CNA when I was 16 years old! In 2011 I got my first job in the nursing home and the rest is history! So this month marks 10 years in healthcare, 7 years as a nurse, and 6 years as a registered nurse! Over those 10 years I’ve found my tried and true FAVORITE products as a nurse and I wanted to share them with you!

UNDERSCRUBS – Wonder Wink Long Sleeve Under Scrub!

I NEVER used to wear long sleeves under my scrubs but as I got older, I got colder! When I work night shift I have a MINIMUM of at least one layer under my scrubs – I’ve also been known to wear leggings under my scrubs! This is my favorite under scrub and I’ve been buying them for a bout a year now. I wear navy scrubs to work so I have the white, grey and black. These are NEVER too warm, my white under scrub stays white, so stretchy and breathable, and they also gain their shape with a quick run through the dryer!


I found a face shield that I LOVE! You’d be hard pressed to find someone who has direct patient care that DOESN’T have to wear a face shield at work – think physical therapists, CNAs, phlebotomists, doctors, respiratory therapists, we are all wearing face shields. It is totally adjustable to any size head, it doesn’t give me a headache, I can tighten the shield so when I’m charting it stays up and out of my face without flopping down. I paid the extra few dollars for the anti fog shield. Seriously, I absolutely LOVE this and many of my friends and family in healthcare wear this brand too! Here is the link to Amazon:

The ONLY Scrubs I’ll EVER BUY AGAIN: Cherokee Iflex!

I fell for the FIGS advertisements and bought myself a pair, that’s right $90 later and I have myself a pair of scrubs I’ll never wear, tucked away in the back of my scrubs drawer. I HATE FIGS scrubs for every reason that I love Cherokee iFlex scrubs!

  1. They STRETCH! I mean they stretch and move with you! FIGS do not. I remember once when I was 16 I did a cartwheel in the lobby of the nursing home just to make my residents laugh – and I tore a hole in the crotch of my pants! That would NEVER happen in Cherokee iFlex scrubs – I could run a marathon and have a cartwheel competition in these babies and never adjust them once!
  2. They are AFFORDABLE! These are right in the price range you would expect when buying scrubs. between $20-$30 per piece. FIGS scrubs? I paid $90 for a top and pants. YIKES.
  3. They run a little big! I like some room in my scrubs. I’m a solid Large in all Cherokee scrubs so I thought I would fit in Large figs too – NOPE! I look like a stuffed can of biscuits in FIGS scrubs.
  4. I never get too hot in Cherokee Iflex scrubs – they are very breathable. FIGS are not.
  5. POCKETS – so many pockets – FIGS have so few (at least the style I bought)

I still don’t get the obsession with FIGS scrubs – I think they are more the “luxury” and “high end” and “name brand” scrub but they really only look like they fit people who would wear a small/extra small. FIGS has been called out several times because they aren’t size inclusive whatsoever – most of their models are wearing size extra small scrubs which just isn’t realistic to the majority of their target audience. HOWEVER, I will say, while I am EXTREMELY uncomfortable wearing FIGS, they are very flattering on me.

Anywho, here is the link to my favorite Iflex top:

Here is the link to my favorite iFlex bottom:

Columbia Women’s Omni Heat Vest

Have I mentioned how cold I get working night shift? Let me introduce you to my most versatile layer yet: the omni heat vest. First of all, I’m so bummed they don’t have very good stock on Amazon right now. I got mine at our local Theisen’s farm and home store for about $80 and I would spend that money over again for how much I love it! I wear this at work and pretty much all winter. It is very versatile and unlike other puffy vests, very slimming. I have several friends that also own this vest and also wear it all winter long. I wear an XL but now I could probably size down to a large. I’m a pretty tall gal and this offers PLENTY of length for me!

Here is the link to the one I have:

Here is the link to a very similar one, same brand:

The Omni vest isn’t my only favorite piece from Columbia, I get SO COLD on night shift I wear this fleece jacket and I’m SO sad (and cold) when I forget it at home. Again, I got this at our local farm store (thanks Theisen’s!) and they usually have pretty good sales. I’ve got a navy one and a black one that I rotate out. The women’s sizing is spot on – I’m a large there too but I size up for an oversized feel! I’m a large in their men’s fleece.


My Littman Stethoscope – Classic III

I was working in the ER one morning and a little tot came in with wheezing. I listened to them and couldn’t hear much. I went back and was giving report to the doctor who was going to see the patient and said “I didn’t really hear any abnormal lung sounds.” He went into the patient’s room, saw the patient, and then came and got me. He took me back to see the patient and handed me his stethoscope and told me to listen again. HOLY COW – what a difference! The patient was wheezing for sure – actually very tight high pitched wheezing which isn’t good and I could have missed it by not having the proper stethoscope. That doctor actually sold me his stethoscope that night and he was going to get a new one anyway! That’s how I ended up with this stethoscope! It’s pretty reasonably priced and has worked well for me! Also, don’t ever throw away your stethoscope, just replace the parts if you’re having trouble!

A Shameless Plug…

It would be silly of me not to mention my favorite vintage medical DAY OFF gear designed by YOURS TRULY and live in my Etsy shop! Truly the comfiest shirts I’ve ever worn and ON SALE for nurses week! When you buy a t-shirt and a sweatshirt together, you get a free first aid journal too!

That’s all I have for you today folks! Thanks for reading and HAPPY NURSES WEEK!

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