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Carver wanted me to show you the tower he built. I asked him to put pants on first but…well you can see how that went.

I think this strange time is very introspective for a lot of people. I know that I’ve been considering what my life looks like and what I want for myself and my family when things go back to “normal.” I challenge you to ask yourself this: What parts of your life are worth rushing back to? (also, LOVE Dave Hollis!)

Big announcement: I’m actually no longer going to be teaching clinicals. I’ve used this time off to really catch up with my boys and realized how much I’ve been missing out on. We’ve reached a point in our debt snowball where I can step back a bit and this time has really given me the opportunity to analyze where I need to be spending my time, focus, and energy. I would love to do it part time but having a full time and part time job for 26 weeks out of the year is too hard. I’m so sad to give it up but I know that is what is best for my family.

*walking by a house and an older friendly neighbor was raking leaves*

*waving at Carver*

Random guy: Hey! Wanna help me rake leaves?

Carver: NO! ’cause of the arona virus!

We are LOVING HelloFresh! Tonight I made this delicious dish and I even have leftovers for work! SCORE! We order three meals a week shipped right to our door. All ingredients are fresh, the flavors are something we’ve never tried before or wouldn’t try on our own, and I haven’t had a single meal I didn’t like in 4 weeks!

If you guys haven’t seen Tiger King on Netflix yet, WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR LIFE! I just finished tonight and OMG. Just WOW. Go watch it guys.

Carver calls his blankie his “bit.” Not sure why, that’s what it has always been. The other day during nap time:

Carver: *singing* bit bitty bit bit bitty bit bit bitty

Me: Wow that’s a beautiful song! Did you make that up?

Carver: No, God gave it to me.

I’m coming up with a schedule that I need to stick to on my days off. I’ve really gotten lazy and have spent way too much time lounging around with the boys watching Peppa Pig, Daniel Tiger, and Farming Simulator. There needs to be structure, limits, and certain times for certain activities. Next week I would have been in Milwaukee with Gannon so I have extra time off to implement my new schedule/structure. How are you guys setting boundaries?

I couldn’t figure out why I was so darn tired the past few days: I’ve been out of my vitamin D3! I once had my vitamin D level checked and it was hardly detectable. Ever since then I ALWAYS take a daily dose of vitamin D3 but not the past few days! I can’t wait to get feeling better again! I highly recommend a vitamin D supplement if you’re feeling a bit sluggish, not as a medical professional but as your pal from my own personal experience. What could it hurt?

That’s all I’ve got for today! See ya’ll tomorrow! Catch up on the last few posts here:


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  1. April 4, 2020 / 7:04 pm

    I used to subscribe to the “fly lady” when I was working, had a hobby farm, husband, kids… life was chaos but she taught me a lot. The biggest thing I learnt from her, works for me now, even as a 72 years old, “get up, get dressed, and PUT YOUR SHOES ON”. Why does it work? It just does. Must be a mental thing? But if you put your shoes on, it seems to mean that you are ready to tackle whatever it is that needs to be done and you are energized? Just a random thought from an older woman!

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