These are a few of my favorite things…

I’ve got some new favorites I’m excited to share with you all!

Cruel Summer

I love a good teen high school drama! This series is exclusively streaming on Hulu and I’m HOOKED. It’s got a good amount of mystery and teenage angst set in the mid 90s. The only thing I don’t like about it is it only comes out one episode at a time every week. I’m someone who loves to binge an entire series until it is done so this is testing my patience! I found where you can watch online!

Counter Clock – Season Three

If you’re a true crime junkie, or if you listen to the podcasts Crime Junkies with Audio Chuck productions, you’ll love season 3 of Counterclock! It’s a podcast stretching over 20 episodes covering the Pelly Family murders in Indiana in 1989. I’m on episode 16 of 20 and I just can’t stop listening! Here’s the link:

Okay- edited to add, I just talked to my mom about this and she suggested to START at season one and work your way through! She said season two is the best season! I’m full on addicted and listening to it as I type this post.


I splurged and bought myself a sampler pack of Recess which is a sparkling water I saw an ad for online. I’m always up for something new! It’s got some real fancy stuff in it that will supposedly calm you and calm your mind. I got the sampler back and my FAVORITE was the pomegranate hibiscus flavor but I really liked them all! As far is making me feel calm or relaxed, I personally didn’t notice much of a difference but I consider it more of a supplement than I do a relaxant. Some people have left reviews saying that they felt relaxed enough they skipped their nightly glass of wine or alcohol so maybe it can be an effective alternative!

What sold me on it was that it is an adaptogen drink, I don’t know enough about adaptogens to be a resource to you about it but I have been investing in and learning about adaptogens in the past year. Recess defines adaptogens as “a class of plants and herbs that help your body deal with stress. we chose ours for their ability to support hemp’s leading role and create the feeling we call calm cool collected.” I take several adaptogen supplements and I love that it is offered in a drink now! Elizabeth Benton (my favorite podcaster) with Primal Potential has several episodes on adaptogens and their benefit. Here is the link to Recess if you’re interested:

Cobb Salad

I saw this video from Natasha’s Kitchen and like, I know how to make a salad but I needed some inspiration! THIS WAS DELICIOUS! I even made a reel about the recipe – that’s up on my instagram @kalissageorgia and I 10/10 will make it again and I look forward to it! I added cilantro and cabbage and dried chick peas for a little crunch! It was perfect to take for work! Natasha has some great recipes on her site! Check it out!

That’s all I’ve got! I love trying new things! Let me know if you have something new you love!

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