The Sunday Update

Well, it isn’t going to be a SUNNY Sunday in Northeast Iowa. We are in a Winter Weather Advisory until 6 pm tonight. We are supposed to get somewhere between 3 and 8 inches of snow.

It’s my weekend to work. When I’m so busy with clinicals during the week, I end up switching my schedule to work more weekends so I work this weekend AND next weekend.

I always work overnights on my weekend. It works best that way for my family and honestly I really love working my weekend. One of my good friends works weekend package on nights so if I work weekend overnights I’m almost guaranteed to work with her. (Hey Jen!) Also, things are just more calm at night, less people around, I can work on paperwork and get caught up on my budget and clinical paperwork.

Tomorrow mom has her cancer appointment in Lacrosse. We will find out what the next steps are to treat her thyroid cancer that has returned. It has slowly been coming back for years now since her initial diagnosis in 2016. Mom, myself, Kelli and my niece Georgia are all going.

Tomorrow I’m also supposed to FINALLY hear back from Children’s of Milwaukee on the actual plan for Gannon. I was told we could move it up to March and then heard that no it needs to stay in April and then now he might not need a certain procedure which would put us back up to the March date but then he also has an ENT consult so he might need tubes and UGH! I spend so much of my time on the phone on hold or messaging doctors to coordinate appointments and tests. I’m constantly waiting to hear back from someone about something. Some people were confused and thought he was headed for testing last week but right now we are scheduled in Milwaukee for the first week in April. He has a minor procedure scheduled at the end of the month as well.

I have so much to do at home but I only get maybe an hour or two of being awake when I work the weekend overnights so I usually ignore the housework and enjoy time with the boys. I woke up at 5 pm. I have such a busy week ahead of me I opted to do some meal prepping before I left for work. I roasted some veggies, I cooked a shrimp boil, I snarfed down some left overs and took off.

What I’ve been watching: THE BACHELOR. OMG this really is the most dramatic season ever. I think they are all extremely fake but Kelley. I like her but I also know she is getting sent home. Kelsey is from Iowa but ugh. After the whole champagne fiasco she left a bad taste in my mouth that has followed her through the season. I’m the kind of girl who looks up the spoilers while I’m watching a show and seriously, not even reality Steve knows what the big shock at the end is. I’ll keep watching 🙂

Podcast of the week: The Financial Confessions. This week they interviewed a divorce lawyer which was so interesting. I love listening to the financial confessions – it’s like a low key female version of Dave Ramsey. I don’t love how they promote credit card usage as a Dave Ramsey fan but everyone’s opinions are different. The Kelly Cutrone episode is pure gold.

What I’m drinking: Home made Iced coffee! I steep it in the pitcher when I get home from work in the morning and it is ready when I wake up for work at night. I just use the Great Value Walmart version. And powerade zero. LOVE POWERADE ZERO!

What I’m snacking on: HORSERADISH SWEET PICKLES! Oh. My. Word. SO SO GOOD! They sell the jar at Fareway by the Klaussen pickles. LOVE THEM!

MUSIC: The song Because I Love You by Lizzo <3 AND I’ve been throwing it back to Taylor’s 1989 album. Clean is such an amazing song.

Funny thing Carver did this week: Tucked in his Buzz Light Year to sleep with him <3

Funny thing Gannon did this week: Learned how to blow kisses and say BYE BYE! <3

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See you all tomorrow morning at 0530!



  1. Pat
    February 9, 2020 / 12:02 pm

    Hav to tell you that my friendL Lola a nd i sew quilts ar Ronald House in Milwaukrr iirst. and 3rd Monday

    • thepinkshoelaces_nobzq1
      February 11, 2020 / 9:36 pm

      That’s so cool!!! I’ll let you know if I see them!

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