The Real Heroes of the Pandemic

I’ve got to give a big shout out to the real heroes in my life right now: My mom and my brother Karl. With Craig in the combine and while I’m working my tail off at the hospital, these two really have stepped up the past two weeks. We are so fortunate to have them in our lives.

First of all, my brother. Karl is such an incredible role model for my boys. He either takes them in the garage to play with tools and build, or he plays legos with Carver, or is teaching him Spanish. I couldn’t ask for a better role model in their lives and words cannot properly express how much we sincerely love uncle Karl.

When Karl isn’t entertaining my kids, he’s entertaining my husband and they play video games when I’m at work and the kids are in bed. He’s a true friend to our whole family and that’s just hard to find.

This bond – our family keeps me sane. The love they both have for me and my family (and Casey’s breakfast pizza)is inexplicable Especially my mom.

She’s always there for me whenever I need her. She makes me laugh, she knows when I need a break better than I do. She’s been the constant in my kids life the past two weeks while Carver has been on quarantine.

We thankfully came out of quarantine unscathed – we were all very worried that Carver would get it and give it to us but we are all healthy 14 days later!

Now we have our regular nanny – a mother daughter team that was just adore – back watching the boys. I could go on and on about what a blessing they are to us as well. If one can’t watch the boys, the other will. They are so kind and generous and the boys just love them.

They are all the real heroes right now. They are the reason I’m able to go help COVID patients. I can work confidently knowing that my kids are well cared for and with people that truly love them.

If you are that person in someone’s life, you are a hero too. Keep on helping us helpers the best way you can – we can’t do what we do without you.

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  1. Lori
    November 12, 2020 / 12:32 pm

    Love this post. Yes, you have a wonderful family and support team!

  2. Ellie
    November 12, 2020 / 2:57 pm

    Wonderful tribute to your family and helpers. We will get through this together!

  3. Elle
    November 12, 2020 / 4:49 pm

    Your village loves you and your family very much. As a girl who has siblings spread over 3 states, I am having some envy. I love that Karl gets to be so involved with his nephews/nieces and that fate brought he and Jo to be living together in 2020? Wow!

    Thank you to your village and thank YOU for continuing to serve your community far beyond a full time job! God Bless you all 🙂

  4. Julie
    November 20, 2020 / 2:07 pm

    We love Karl! So glad he’s back in northeast Iowa! You are lucky to have him & your mom around. But I’m sure they feel lucky to be able to spend so much time with you and your family too!

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