The Gannon Update

Gannon learned a new sign! I present to you: ALL DONE!

Gannon knows sign language for “Please” “More” “Yes” and now “All Done.” Some might argue this isn’t technically American Sign Language but these are the signs/motions our family uses and that I taught Carver and my mom uses at daycare.

As you all have read on my last blog post, Gannon’s Milwaukee appointment was cancelled. As disappointing as that is, Milwaukee is SWARMING with COVID 19 right now and Gannon’s appointments aren’t “necessary” at this point.

Gannon’s follow up hearing retest has also been postponed so we aren’t sure if Gannon’s hearing got better after surgery. I had looked into enrolling him in weekly speech therapy and that got delayed. Our keystone early access meetings are on zoom now and I feel like we aren’t making a lot of progress there either.

I mentioned that Gannon was doing much better. I want to take that back just a little bit. Gannon isn’t vomiting like he was in January. Gannon can eat anything we put in front of him. These are both vast improvements. Gannon seems more interactive after he got tubes in his ears but it isn’t a huge night and day difference. Gannon LOVES pickles.

Here are concerns we still have: Gannon still isn’t walking. Gannon still doesn’t have any words. Gannon still cries when he poops. Gannon is still pretty constipated. Gannon’s belly has gone back to the way it was before his orchiopexy as you can see:

A year has come and gone and Gannon has given us quite a few grey hairs but he is just the sweetest kindest little boy. We still don’t have an official diagnosis but we do know a few things:

  • Gannon has some hearing loss and got tubes in both ears.
  • Gannon has a redundant colon (lots of extra colon).
  • Gannon struggled with wheezing this past fall.
  • Gannon had bilateral cryptorchid (descended testicles).
  • Gannon had a bilateral hernia repair, orchiopexy, and bilateral hydrocele repair.

So that’s what we know about our Ganjo. We are working so hard on animal sounds and sign language as much as possible. It’s so hard to believe that a year ago we were being discharged with Gannon from St. Mary’s with no idea what this next year would hold for us. We were told he had a milk protein allergy and good luck.

I’ll keep fighting for you Gannon Joseph!

Read more about Gannon here:


  1. Donna
    April 6, 2020 / 12:52 pm

    Thank you for your update – I know this is terribly hard on you. My dd has not been able to get the kids in for their boosters and the baby’s initial shots. They go nowhere because of this. Fortunately, we’re here and can help out. Continues prayers.
    DD also teaches sign language to the kids as a second language. there is a You Tube class she used with them. Gannon is probably too young but maybe for Carver? I’ll send it to you – you can always delete if not interested. 😉
    Love and prayers

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter
    April 6, 2020 / 7:30 pm

    Check out YouTube for speech therapy for one year olds. There are several videos which may be of use for you. Praying for some answers and help for little Gannon…y’all deserve it!!

  3. Helen A
    April 6, 2020 / 10:40 pm

    Wow he seems to be picking up signs really fast. That’s great. We had feeding issues, speech issues and constipation issues with our daughter. She’s 2.5 and still has to have a cap full of miralax everyday to poop or she’ll get so constipated she literally can’t poop on her own without a suppository. We hit similar walls with doctors and professionals. Just seems like it’s not their child so they don’t much care. It’s very frustrating. Therapy helped her so much though and we just had her evaluated again and she went from almost a year behind in expressive speech to now three months ahead. Can’t say enough about therapy.

    Prior to 18 months is still considered within the milestone for walking so he isn’t delayed on that as of yet. Hopefully he’ll walk soon. It’s so hard to know whether all of the issues are connected or if they are not. I remember puzzling a lot over that with my daughter. I hope you get some answers soon and are able to start therapy. Even though the start of therapy is delayed you’re still starting it much earlier then we did and giving Gannon his best chance.

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