The Friedman Fam Update – October 2022

Gannon and I are having a work day here while Anders takes a nap. I’m working on this blog post and my little artist is doodling and cutting away next to me. He’s been OBSESSED with arts and crafts and drawing and coloring! If you can’t tell, we think Gannon will be a leftie.

I think that this is a good snap shot of life right now: I’ve got all the hydration to help with breastfeeding, there is my diaper/breastfeeding toolkit in the corner behind my lap top, Gannon is coloring away, and I’ve got my protein/fat breakfast snack as I’m prioritizing my nutrition right now!

Harvest is in full swing around here and has been for about a week now. I was very nervous about harvest season because I’d have the boys and a newborn to take care of essentially by myself but Craig has been SO HELPFUL about helping out where and when he can.

Anders is mostly breastfeeding so he’s really not able to help at night and I want him to get good sleep for the long days in the combine. However, Craig does get up early with the boys (around 6:30 am) and gets them on the bus so I can sleep in with Anders. As soon as he gets home around 8 pm he takes over the diaper changes and is my personal “runner” if I need something. He also took both boys in the combine with him on Sunday for a few hours which was SO helpful so I could get caught up on Etsy orders. 

I took the boys to a local Fall fest and they had so much fun. They colored pumpkins, played games, played at the park, and got too much candy! The event was free will donation and was so nice, we will definitely go again next year if they hold it again! 

Anders has been perfect, he is the chillest baby ever, he STILL hasn’t cried and he’s almost 2 weeks old now! I mean it! He gets kind of “grunty” and restless when he’s hungry but this kid doesn’t cry AT ALL. We have been struggling with jaundice which is pretty normal for babies, especially because he was born 3.5 weeks early. We’ve had regular weight checks and bilirubin checks at the doctor. I’ve been working on frequent feedings and making sure he gets plenty of sunlight to help him process the build up of billrubin in his system. 

I’ve set myself a deadline to place an order of new designs by WEDNESDAY this week so hopefully you’ll be seeing new quilting and cross stitch designs coming soon to the Etsy shop! I’ve been helping mom some with her social media/youtube channel a bit. We went to a business conference together last week and it was GREAT! We got so many new ideas and so much inspiration. We took Anders with and he was perfect as per usual. He didn’t make a peep in the 10 hour day!

That’s all I have for now, I’ve got so many ideas for blog posts I hope I can sit down and actually type them out soon! Thanks for reading! Thanks to everyone who has bought me a coffee lately! That’s so so sweet of you and inspires me to keep writing!

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