The Best Bag EVER!

I haven’t found a product I’m THIS excited about in a LONG TIME! I was at Maker’s Market in Sumner, Iowa, about 20 minutes from my house. The boys came with me to the “Jelly bean store” as they call it to drop off some shirts. I’m one of many vendors there who sell products, it’s really one of our favorite stores and my mom and I make monthly trips down there even if I don’t have inventory to drop off.

Sally, the owner, is just so lovely. I was catching up with her when I saw these BAGS! Sally said they have been flying off the shelves and as soon as I felt a bag I knew exactly why. These are so incredibly sturdy, like croc material.

She said one daughter uses hers as a beach bag. I suggested using it when I go shopping with my mom or in someone else’s car, I can keep my purse and my water bottle and my purchases separate and when it’s time to go I just grab my bag of goodies without having to dig around! I also want to use it as my post office bag to delivery packages! When I got home I filled it up with a bunch of random things the boys had left in my car that needed to go in the house and VIOLA! My car was tidy again! AND the bag is made of croc material so if it gets dirty, you can just spray it off or wipe it down!

Then I got home and saw how large it was sitting next to my box of groceries, I got an idea…

It just about fit my entire BOX of groceries in this little bag! Well I was so impressed I had to weigh it to see how much it could hold – everything in the bag was about 20 lbs! I know with some reusable bags I get nervous that they are going to break but not this tote! I sent the picture to mom and now she wants one for her reusable grocery bag!

Here’s a size comparison with a bunch of bananas, I’m not great with measurements so I tried to find an object that would work:

So I messaged Sally and asked how I could share about it on my blog because guys, I’m just that dang excited about this tote bag. She doesn’t have a website to order from but we worked out a plan. She said you can call the shop or text the shop at 319-240-3389. Include your name, your shipping address, your email address (for billing) and what color of tote you would like and she will ship it to you! The bag itself is $56. I ended up labeling the colors so there isn’t any confusion, the color of the bag I got is C but I think the next one I get will be D, I just adore that green!

Sally said she can’t keep them on the shelves because people buy one and then have to come back and get more as gifts – I couldn’t agree more, I will also be giving these as gifts!

So show Maker’s Market and Sally some love and treat yourself! If you’re ever in Northeast Iowa, make sure you add it to your road trip as well as Ferndale and Grain and Thread – my other two favorite Sumner shops just down the street from Maker’s Market! Thanks for reading guys!

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