Thanksgiving Weekend

I usually don’t do a ton of black Friday shopping but this year we did have a few awesome finds!

Last Winter, Craig was at his hold job and was working in a heated shop. This year, as a farmer, he is exposed to whatever weather the midwest has to offer!

We got a new Theisens in a neighboring town. One day after church we went and scoped out some new winter gear to keep Craig warm throughout the day at work. We found these:

So Friday morning Craig and I were up and at em by 6 am at Theisens getting flannels!

Craig LOVES them – AND they come in TALL! We ended up buying all of the Large Talls they had which was 4 of them. Craig loves them – they are so fuzzy on the inside and great for layering! THEY WERE ONLY $15!

Here’s an amazon link if you are interested! Of course we got them on Black Friday pricing but we would have paid full price for them for how much he loves them!

Craig got a tool he’s been looking for and a few other things. That was about as exciting as our Black Friday experience got.

I worked on Saturday so nothing fun there. I was pretty bummed I was at work because Craig actually was home with the boys all day 🙁

Sunday after Sunday School we took off for Craig’s parents house which is about an hour away for Thanksgiving. Here is Craig’s side of the family:

From Left to Right (sitting) Craig’s Uncle Dan, Craig’s Grandpa Merle, Craig’s Grandma Delores (or Grandma Dee Dee) holding Gannon, Craig’s Mom holding Carver.

From Left to Right (Standing) Craig’s Cousins (Dan’s children) Blaine and Makinzey, Craig’s sister Kelly, Craig’s Dad Kevin, Craig and ME!

We actually got a decent picture with the self timer! We were all pretty happy with how it turned out!

Merle and Delores – Great Grandparents

Merle and Delores will be celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in December. Carver calls her Grandma Dee Dee. They are so helpful with watching the boys. She makes the BEST pickled beets. We love living so close to them – only about 20 minutes away!

We got a pretty good family picture too! I love Gannon’s smile 🙂

Later on Sunday afternoon we had a party to attend!

A very generous man recently passed away from our hometown of Waucoma. It was his desire to host an annual community/bonding/spirit/betterment meal! That was on Sunday. It was so nice. We played bingo. Carver was being a bit of a grinch – he did NOT want his face painted and needed to be talked into even getting a balloon animal. we still had a great time and it was nice to hang out with other families.

That was our weekend! It was jam packed this year so we still don’t have our Christmas tree up! It is definitely on our to do list though!

By the time you’re reading this it is already NEXT weekend – wowza! Hopefully we are decorated by then! Do you have your decorations up?



  1. Dian
    December 8, 2019 / 2:11 am

    Thanks for sharing Craig’s family with us. Looks like a great bunch of Iowans having a nice family celebration. I’ll bet your sons did not lack attention that day.

    Lots of outdoor workers in our family too so thanks for the tip on the fleece lined flannels. Will have to check them out. I enjoy your writings and look forward to your thoughtful comments.

  2. Barbara F
    December 8, 2019 / 8:17 pm

    Enjoyed seeing the pictures of Craig’s side of the family. Sounds like you had a great weekend. No decorations up at our house yet. Will get that done this week.

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