Target Run and Bathroom Remodel Update!

I love getting my braces tightened. Yes, it hurts like a son of a gun but I get a little bit of me time at my favorite Target which is in Lacrosse. Nothing is better than Target in August, the back to school buzz is BOMB. I wanted to share some of my favorite Target finds!

We got our new bathroom vanity installed which on one hand, I’m REALLY excited about. On the other hand we have SO. FAR. TO. GO. and we are having such a hard time getting a plumber to come and install our new toilet, shower head, the sink, and bathtub. Our tiler is ready to go but he can’t do much without the plumbers. Back in April, this started out as a “quick and easy remodel.” HA! Yeah right! But the vanity looks BOMB! Check it out!

Obviously, not even close to done but there was a sneak peek. In the meantime, I’m so sick of having my bathroom items spread over three counties so I moved all of my makeup and necessities into the bathroom which was so fun. I got these drawer organizers for my makeup and I love them! Clear and classy – hard to see in the picture but it is organized, I promise.

I also got these crates for the behind the toilet cupboard which a lot of people recommended against, but I love. We have so many of this style of threshold crates/baskets throughout the house – our toy room, laundry room, now our bathroom. I’ll put washcloths in one crate and hand towels in the other.

Honestly, I have SO MUCH room left in this vanity. I’m so please with how efficient and organized it has made our tiny bathroom! We had our vanity built by Gossling Woodworking which is literally across the road from our house and the guys at Alpha Builders have been working hard to install them over the past few weeks!

I had another good find at Target, I’m all for investing in organization! I found this little tote to fit all of Carver’s markers and crayons in and organize his coloring books! It was a MESS. WE downsized and Carver and I sorted through ALL of his broken and dried out markers. We got rid of all them that didn’t fit in this container – one of my favorite organizing tips from Decluttering at the speed of life by Dana White: if your container can’t contain it, DOWNSIZE!

That’s my Tuesday guys! Check back tomorrow! IN the meantime, here are my latest posts:



  1. Annie
    August 5, 2020 / 2:41 pm

    I do love me some Target.

  2. Tracy
    August 5, 2020 / 3:29 pm

    I speak as someone directly related to the business. You will NOT be high priority to get your fixtures installed by a licensed plumber when you purchased them from a big box store rather than the guy that is installing them. They would far rather install items that they are familiar with because they sold them to you. They also would prefer to make a little money selling you those fixtures which you no doubt would like them to stand behind if you have any problem with down the road. Big box stores items are generally for do-it-yourselfers. Just my advice and not meant to be a criticism.

  3. Sophie
    August 5, 2020 / 7:44 pm

    Love your bathroom remodel! It looks great now and will be even better when it’s finished but man, does remodeling take FOREVER?!?! We just finished our downstairs bathroom and I love it but the remodel was torture. 😉 I love that you had Carver help with downsizing his markers and crayons – my kids would have so much trouble with that.

  4. Carolyn Sullivan
    August 5, 2020 / 9:39 pm

    good idea about down sizing. I used to peel the crayons and melt them. Interesting colors then to color with, not tips though.

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