Sunday Funday with the Friedmans!

I’m typing this up on Sunday night, thankful for a fun relaxing and productive weekend.

We had a fun Saturday, for another blog post, but today was pretty great too. Craig had to do chores so while he was at chores I tidied up the house and held the fort down. As soon as we got home, we headed to our favorite store: THEISENS!

If you don’t know what Theisens is, it’s a farm/outdoor store but they have everything. It’s our favorite small business to shop and I let the boys pick out a farm toy/little tractor when we go. You cn see the toys the boys picked out during today’s trip:

I love their toy selection and they had some great deals/coupons so I could finish up shopping for the nieces and nephews. I made sure Carver was a part of the shopping process so that he can learn how to buy and give gifts to others.

We picked out a gift for my nephew/Godson Jasper, my mom’s dog Rosie, our dog Betsy, and my sassy and sweet niece Georgia.

While we were in town, we ended up going out to eat at one of our favorite restaurants. the boys were PERFECT and we had a great time.

Both the boys fell asleep on the ride home. We carried them upstairs and Craig and I gtook advantage of our free time in the garage – we got SO MUCH DONE – check out how great it looks so far! We have a lot of stuff to still sort through and garbage to get rid of but progress is progress!

By the time we were tired out from the garage, the boys were up from their nap and we enjoyed a nice lazy afternoon watching Taylor Swift’s new movie about the making of her most recent album (my favorite) folkore.

It was great. Although, I spent the night feeling frustrated. I’ve worked really hard with being content with what I have but tonight my head was spinning between investing money in my The Pink Shoelaces platform, putting money towards debt, recording my own music, and on and on.

There are so many things I’m passionate about and it can be overwhelming as to which one to focus on/pay attention to. It’s frustrating. So, i journaled a bit before bed and now I’m unwinding writing this blog post. Hopefully I’ll gain some clarity and focus after a good night’s sleep.

I have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow and I REALLY want to get an appointment scheduled to get them OFF! I’ve heard so many mixed opinions on when they will come off so I’m really going to nail that down tomorrow! Wish me luck! Thanks for reading guys!

OH! I almost forgot – Craig hung a huge mirror for me in a useless kind of wall space in our dining room so of course we had to take a mirror selfie before bed!



  1. Elle
    November 30, 2020 / 2:54 pm

    Remember the feeling you had when you had knocked off all that debt? I encourage you to make that priority again. The angst of it will be gone and then investing in your other interests will have no baggage but instead will give you that exhilarating feeling as well 🙂

    A terrific family day. Garage is looking good!

    Happy Monday to you all!

  2. Margaret
    November 30, 2020 / 9:07 pm

    I agree with Elle’s comment above.

    Being totally debt free is such a great feeling and you were really doing so great with it.

  3. Cynthia 'Cinders'
    November 30, 2020 / 10:04 pm

    You are a busy family! I think it is great everyone pitches in and helps, your garage is looking awesome! ? I also think it is wise to pay debt first, then budget for your other wants. And with your braces be patient, sometimes they will put invisible braces on too or retainers to prevent future teeth movement…just saying…stay well everyone! Love ❤️ your blog!

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