Sunday Funday!

We’ve already had a big day and it is only 3:17 pm as I’m writing this blog post!

Craig got to sleep in for Father’s Day (and because he had a little too much fun last night with friends) and when he woke up we loaded up to go on the bike trail!

We had to pick up our bike trailer because we got our tires fixed. The bike trailer wasn’t as aero dynamic as we would like but today it ran like a charm!

We picked up a Casey’s pizza and met my mom and brother in Fredericksburg (our favorite bike trail). We had a nice picnic in the shelter before our ride. Mom and Karl haven’t been on the trail before and my mom hasn’t ridden a bike in over 5 years.

You have to be a little careful because there are some low spots in the trail but that makes for great puddles to drive through! Carver loved riding through the puddles.

Today was the first day we took Carver’s tag a long bike out and we LOVED IT! Carver rode the whole trail with me! He could pedal or just hang on for the ride. The internet told us the whole trail was about 5 miles but it didn’t seem that long at all! We had been on and done with the trail in under an hour. They have such nice resting spots too:

Here we are at the finish line – mom snuck up on Craig as I was taking her picture ?

Carver and I celebrated his accomplishment of riding the whole trail on the tag along!

We also found an “alternate ending” to the bike trail to avoid the mishap/dangerous low head dam. You can read about that incident here:

I’ve been told they are putting up hand rails in the bridge now! ??

Here is my brother Karl finishing the trail:

Next up on our summer of biking mission is to get Gannon fitted in his new seat! Check out what is coming on Thursday:

And of course we finished with some ice cream! My favorite: cotton candy twist with a waffle cone!

I snapped this picture at the park before we left on the trail, it’s been a wonderful Father’s Day with Craig!

When we got home we took a dip in the pool which was so relaxing. We were initially told the forecast called for storms and bad weather but we haven’t had anything like that! It’s been a wonderful weekend and I’ll tell you more about our Saturday in the next blog post!


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  1. Elle
    June 21, 2020 / 9:42 pm

    What a great day!!!! And you are soooo stinkin’ cute 🙂

    Happy Father’s Day Craig !!

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