Summer Fun + Recipe Inspiration + NAME UPDATE!

Are you like me? Do you ever go over board on produce at the grocery store? I swear I buy groceries like I’m shopping for a vegetarian but I never eat as clean as I intend to. This morning I woke up with the full refrigerator full of “about to go bad” produce.

I’ve been meaning to try a new recipe for frittatas which is essentially like a giant omelet bake – it is great for make ahead breakfasts and an awesome low carb option too. so I took the rest of the spinach, broccoli, mushrooms, peppers, green onions, some salt, pepper, tajin, bacon, ham, goat cheese, and regular shredded cheese and added it to a giant pan with about a dozen eggs. It was DELICIOUS and super filling! A great way to incorporate veggies into breakfast! I topped it with fresh salsa which was KEY!

I was still in a cooking mood so I ended up making Craig a potato hash for work. I fried some hamburger, mushrooms, potatoes, peppers, and butter together, threw some cheese in, and topped with a few eggs. Craig loves any kind of hash I make him – its super easy for him to warm up quick at the farm. This recipe is very similar to the German pizza casserole I make. You can find that here: Meal Prep for the Weekend!

We’ve decided that we LOVE instant pot potatoes the best! I usually do a batch for the week and then we use the in random recipes/meals like this! I guess I take my cooking skills for granted. I love cooking and have no problem making up recipes like this on the spot! I spent the morning in the kitchen and it was so fun! I did mess up my mom’s banana bread recipe though. I cannot make anything with bananas. I’ve tried making banana cake, banana bread, it NEVER turns out. This time I burnt the top and undercooked the middle. I should have split it into two loaves but oh well. Maybe next time. Lord knows we will have rotten bananas again.

Then I made this super duper simple recipe Carver got from his preschool teacher! The boys love them and I use sugar free peanut butter to keep them added sugar free!

We had a Kramer day yesterday with all the cousins – we had so much fun playing in the water outside! I got lots of pictures. Of course I braided Lucy’s hair (it’s our little tradition) I can’t believe how big everyone got! I’m so glad we had this time to hang out together, we were only missing Uncle Karl who had other plans yesterday. That means we had 9 kiddos under the age of 5 at my mom’s house! Wowza wowza – what an afternoon that was!

That’s all I have for now! Thanks for reading guys! I hope to see you all here again soon! Check out any blog posts you may have missed below!

Also – update on the Identity Crisis – WOW – a LOT of strong feelings on this. I understand I specifically asked for feedback. I did not ask for criticism, I did not ask for rude comments, I did not ask for snarky emails. Some of you had some really AWESOME ideas, input and suggestions. A lot of people really liked Candidly Kalissa, the majority of people said they didn’t really think the name should change, Kramer girl triggered some strong opinions (hence the snarky email about how annoying I must be to my husband) so for now, I’m going to roll with the Pink Shoelaces. I don’t really think people care about it as much as I do. Plus, I’m gonna make a logo that doesn’t have pink in it because THAT’s my biggest hang up – I don’t want to be pink anymore!!! So thanks ya’ll, so many of you said “I’ll read no matter what you’re called.” Those are my people. The rude people are not my people. I’m gonna focus on the good and keep on rolling ??



  1. June 30, 2021 / 12:18 am

    You learned your cooking skills from your mom! How lucky you are! ❤

  2. Kim J LeMere
    June 30, 2021 / 4:31 am

    I think a new name is okey dokey if and when you wish to change it. Remember, you get to drive your own train. When you find the right name it will be an instant perfect fit. I was an Armstrong before I became a LeMere and some friends parents still call me by my maiden name (I’ve been married 40 plus years). I don’t take offense and my husband smiles. One of my friends father still calls me slim (which I no longer am but I love him for it) A name for your blog will come to you and it will feel like a well worn glove.

  3. Elle
    June 30, 2021 / 3:55 pm

    I will never understand people who are rude, snarky or otherwise negative. Sheesh. Anonymity is truly the downfall of our electronic society. Bullies are everywhere.

    Hugs to you and as you know, I’m down for whatever you decide 🙂

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