While we are still working to become debt free, especially before the year is over, I did carve some room in the budget to work on a few projects and spend a little cash.

Spa Treatment

First of all, I stopped coloring my hair last April. It was getting too expensive and I wasn’t in love with how it turned out. I’ve gotten one trim since last April, I figured it was time to show myself some TLC.

I had my makeup professionally done for my friend Regan’s wedding. I met a wonderful esthetician who has a salon in a nearby town and I booked myself a few services including a facial, a last lift/tint, and an eyebrow wax/tint. The facial came with a massage and it was just so wonderful. I plan on booking again after baby comes because it was so relaxing. I’ve gotten a TON of compliments on my brows/makeup/skin. People have said I look more fresh, more awake, Craig says my new “look” is “on point” as the Gen Z people say. The eyebrows were a little dark for my liking in the first 24 hours (on the left) but now that they’ve faded (on the right), I LOVE them!!

Ruggable Rug

I also splurged a couple months and finally got a ruggable rug! Rugs never last long in our house. They get dirty, Betsy may have an accident, Craig spills one of his Ruby Red Squirts on them, I love having rugs but I HATE how soiled they get so quickly!

A ruggable rug is machine washable! I paid close to $300 for this 8×10 rug. It comes in two pieces, the top rug is very thin and just gets thrown in the washing machine. I’ve washed it several times now and I’ll only buy ruggable rugs from now on! I’m shopping for one for the living room. I will say it is a bit complicated to lay out, ESPECIALLY if you’re laying it under a table and chairs like I do. I recommend rolling it up and laying it out like I did here:

If you’re interested, use my referral code for 15% off of your order! http://rwrd.io/4mp4qwx?c

In Ground Fencing

Speaking of Betsy, we also installed in ground fencing for her! She can feel free to roam and wander the yard leash free! My mom also get in ground fencing for her dog Rosie, she blogged about it here: https://www.joscountryjunction.com/rosies-adventure-with-in-ground-fencing/

So far, we are LOVING it and it was worth the money! Ryan from Pet Containment Systems had it up and running in 2 hours! Betsy had a little anxiety at first, part of the training is them experiencing one small shock so they know what happens when they get too close to the fence but she soon was back to herself exploring her new freedom. Just look how happy she is!

So those are my recent splurges! Each one a little bit frivolous but I’m really glad I invested in them!

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  1. Angie Peele
    June 30, 2022 / 12:35 pm

    I don’t consider them splurges but necessaries of making life comfortable for you, your family and fur baby. Make up looks great.

  2. Linda
    June 30, 2022 / 4:57 pm

    I tried again and no discount

    • thepinkshoelaces
      June 30, 2022 / 7:01 pm

      It ended last night at midnight!

  3. Kim from TN
    July 1, 2022 / 2:19 am

    I have never heard of this type of rug, it sounds interesting, thanks for the information. I think we all need to take a deep breath and remember that we can be nice to ourselves. I’m so glad you went and did something special for yourself. The baby will be here soon enough, and your time will be limited.

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