Shrimp Tacos and Mango Salsa!

Okay, real talk, our grocery bill was astronomical in July, OVER $1,000 on groceries. That’s not cool. SO I’m on a mission to be EXTREMELY intentional about what I buy at the grocery store and pick out recipes in advance. One of my favorite places to find new recipes is Natasha’s Kitchen. Her videos make me laugh, she’s a little quirky, but I love her site.

I found a recipe for shrimp tacos and decided to try something new by adding mango salsa! It was a HIT! We will for sure be making this recipe again!

I had to run two over to mom so she could try my new recipe! She loved it too! Natasha is totally right, the siracha sauce (even if you don’t like spicy things) really brings this recipe together! I meant to take a picture of my ingredients but the boys were also cleaning up leftovers so you get a full picture of supper that night! These aren’t super filling so plan on a good hearty side to go with it or just make LOTS OF TACOS! 🙂

And my favorite part of cooking supper is eating it with my boys 🙂 Gannon is getting so much better at taking pictures with us so I got a few with my boys 🙂

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We do something at every meal we eat together whether that’s with all of the cousins/aunts/uncles or just us. Everyone has to say something that was their favorite part of the day and something that made them mad/sad/or angry. Sometimes we add in questions, for awhile Carver was struggling with lying and admitting when he is wrong so we added that you had to tell about one mistake you made to show him that everyone makes mistakes and it’s okay to admit them. Sometimes we say something we love about Papa Moo, if it is someone’s birthday we have to say something we love about the person whose birthday it is.

When we play “favorites” at supper, Carver ALWAYS says his favorite part of the day is eating supper with his family. It really warms my heart. I know we always ate supper as a family and even though it’s hard when I work night shift, it makes it that much more special when we are all together as a family. My favorite part of this day was also eating supper with my family 🙂

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