Saved you a seat!

Is there anything more comforting than knowing someone saved you a seat? Remember that “new kid in the cafeteria feeling?” Feeling like you didn’t belong? Feeling like the odd one out?

I was scrolling through my feed and I saw those words “saved you a seat” and they really hit differently. It got me thinking, what am I doing to save others a seat?

Has there been a time when you see someone after they’ve gone through a tough loss? Have you ever thought “this is awkward, I don’t know what to say, should I talk about it or not?” Saving them a seat means inviting them in and welcoming them in conversation. It means acknowledging their loss but allowing them space to talk about something else. It means giving them the table to lead the conversation and making them feel welcome.

I witnessed some mean girl behavior at a wedding one year, everyone was wondering if “she” was going to show up after what “she did.” When she did show up, I made a point to go over to her a strike up a conversation because I knew she would be uncomfortable. I knew that night would be hard for her. Saving someone a seat means fighting for their seat at that table as well.

It is the relief of a familiar face in a room of strangers.

It is reaching out even when it is awkward.

It is treating someone the same whether they are the only one in the room or the hundredth person in the room.

I’m challenging you to save someone a seat, make them feel welcome and over all, just be kind. The world is cruel enough, we don’t need mean girls lurking around the corner too.

6 thoughts on “Saved you a seat!

  1. Kim J LeMere says:

    What a nice post and I love the name, Saved you a seat. Its perfect for now, showing kindness, be welcoming to others. I think everyone can recall a time when you were the new kid in the class or felt awkward at an event.

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter says:

    Perfect way to put is…saving a seat! It implies that we value the person and want them there. Exactly what we all want…time to put that into action!

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