Saturday Recap: MY FIRST VENDOR SHOW + A Wedding!

What a weekend! As I mentioned last week, I participated in my first vendor market! It was about 7 PM on Friday night when I started planning how I was going to lay everything out, what to pack, etc. Well, my mom was getting the hint at how under prepared I was and started asking questions which led to her helping me pack my van which led to her “just coming to help me set up” to “just staying until lunch” to “well might as well stay the whole day!” I’m very glad she did.

There just so happened to have been a quilting retreat in town! First 2 ladies came to shop my quilting shirts…then 4…then another 2 more…they said they get together every year on this weekend so they were just thrilled to shop my assortment of quilting designs! They all got a free sticker with their purchase! I also got to meet a few sweet blog readers, I knew who read the blog by if they asked about my ear! HA! A thank you to Lori for introducing yourself! It was so nice to meet you!

I had no idea how many designs I had until I’m displaying them all. I’m really proud of this business I’ve built over the last (almost) 2 years now!

After the vendor show, we were able to pack up and head out in just 30 minutes! I was off to a friend’s wedding. We ended up bringing the boys. It’s the first wedding we’ve brought them to since December 2020! My good friend and former co-worker Tess got married so I got to see many old coworkers! It was so lovely. Here I am with the bride and one of my best friends, Gabe. Gabe broke her wrist at the bachelorette party but will get her cast off soon! She coordinated her dress with her cast and enjoyed some Anders snuggles. Craig is out of the combine since Friday because we’ve had so much rain here and it was nice to have him there too.

That’s my Saturday recap! We’ve spent the day laying low at home. We’ve needed a lazy day for sure! I’m going back to ENT tomorrow so we will see what they say about my ear. Thanks for reading guys!

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