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It’s April so the days I have with Craig are dwindling down. The team at the farm decided they would have one last hurrah this weekend and then hit it hard this week getting in the field. 

I’m typing this late Saturday night, everyone else is sleeping. I’ll get to that later.

We had a babysitter for most of the day today, she took them to the Easter egg hunt at the park and it looks like they had a ton of fun. Honestly, we’ve never celebrated Easter this way – not even when I was little. I never believed in the Easter bunny or did many egg hunts. We dyed eggs, went to every church service, and mom and dad got us outdoor toys, dad made an Easter bunny cake, and we had dinner together as a family – usually on Palm Sunday. But this year, Carver informed me that the Easter bunny was coming so we went with it. Today was the first of two Easter egg hunts for the boys this weekend. Tomorrow (today) we are headed to my brother Bucks – the first time all my siblings will be at the same house in over a year. We are so excited. 

Anyway, Craig and I had our first mountain biking outing of the season. Let me start by saying that my new bike has a TON of power – it needs some getting used to. I wiped out in the woods three times – nothing serious – a few bruises.

The trails were SO BUSY! So many people were out hiking and biking. If you’ve been to Decorah, you know that there’s a TON of stuff to do between the downtown and the hiking and biking trails, the shopping, the breweries and restaurants. It’s a GREAT weekend getaway if you’re close! 

We ended up out to eat – had to try the cheese curds of course – everywhere we go! T-Bocks is one of our favorite restaurants in Decorah. It was delish! We made a plan for our afternoon adventure and headed out.

About 2 seconds after getting on my bike – riding downhill on the back alley, I *think* I pulled the front brake when I was adjusting my drop post (bike seat) and the next thing I know I’m on the ground – I hit HARD. It was a total freak accident and it took a while to figure out what might have happened. Honestly I had JUST got on my bike and then I was on the ground. Because it was so steep I already had a bit of speed. 

Downhill on cement, I went head over handlebars – I tore a hole in my sweatshirt and STILL scraped my arm this bad. This is the arm that protected my nose from hitting the ground so you can imagine how hard I was hitting my nose/face on my arm. I’m very lucky my arm was there or I’m certain I would have been in the ER – my face would have hit the cement. I’m also really glad I had my helmet on – I almost didn’t wear it because we were just in the downtown. 

It knocked the wind right out of me – there was a vehicle behind us in the alley that saw the whole thing – I looked up to a van full of young men staring at me trying to catch my breath. It was so embarrassing. 

So our plans were cut short. I found it in me to ride back to our vehicle across town and we loaded up. On the way home we stopped at one more brewery, met up with some friends we know, and we made it home!

I was going to head to a wedding reception and Craig was going to stay home with the boys. I showered and was doing my hair when out of NO WHERE I had the worst headache I’ve had in my life – I needed to lay down immediately. 4 hours later I woke up, my nose is pretty swollen, my face is just swollen in general – I think from the fall. I think the headache could have been a result of my tumble I took. I’m super bummed, I was looking forward to seeing a few friends at the reception 🙁 

Lessons learned from today: so much protective gear – I’m going to need elbow pads for biking. This is the second time I’ve messed up this elbow. Always wear a helmet – even if you’re just in town. Also, I’m not getting any younger. I can’t just take a tumble like that and get on with my life so REST. Also, don’t tell my mom any of this 😉 

That’s the Friedman Fam update – an exciting day followed by a not so exciting night. I imagine I’ll be pretty sore tomorrow but we had a ton of fun on the trails! 

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  1. Susan the Farm Quilter
    April 5, 2021 / 8:12 pm

    Holy cow, girl!!! Protective gear is the best thing ever…I wonder how so many of us survived our care-free childhoods with no safety equipment! My brother wore a helmet when he raced downhill skiing, but never while he was just skiing (me either, just a hat if it was cold). Went all over the mountains outside of Markleeville, California (we had a cabin there) on mini-bikes and Honda Trail 90s, with no helmets or other protective gear – I don’t remember ever even falling! No protective gear when skating or riding a skateboard. I hope you are feeling better today…you didn’t show any pictures of your owies.

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