Out here in the RURAL WORLD!

You guys have been guiding this design from the beginning and I’m so excited to send it off into the world! I present to you: Out here in the RURAL WORLD! Remember when I was… View Post


I’m a little heated over this so pardon me. You’ll remember yesterday that I posted about the severe and devastating flash flooding in our area that took place over the weekend, you can read more… View Post


As many of you have seen from my mom’s blog (you can check that post out here) or from the videos I posted on my Facebook page, (you can see those here) that we had… View Post

PART TWO: Mom and Dad Getaway to Crosby, Minnesota!

If you’re just tuning in, check out PART ONE here: Part ONE: Mom and Dad Getaway to Crosby, MN! (sorry this has been so delayed! Other blog posts kept coming up!) So I left off… View Post

Shrimp Tacos and Mango Salsa!

Okay, real talk, our grocery bill was astronomical in July, OVER $1,000 on groceries. That’s not cool. SO I’m on a mission to be EXTREMELY intentional about what I buy at the grocery store and… View Post