I wanted to talk a little bit about consistency. These are some thoughts I had on the way home from my meeting with my personal trainer this morning.

I was really beating myself up last week because I hired a personal trainer to teach me all of these exercises and proper form and things like that and I didn’t do a single work out between last week and this week. And I was so upset with myself because I wasn’t being consistent in my mind. I was looking to define MY consistency by someone else’s definition.

But then I use my new tool, called what else is true And it completely shifted my entire mindset.

So my frustration was that I hadn’t worked out between meetings with my personal trainer but what else is true?

Well I am working out/exercising a full hour more per week than I used to just by committing to meeting with my personal trainer every Thursday morning. That is my consistency.

What else is true? I worked this weekend so I had a stretch of three nights in a row.

What else is true? My mom and I spent a good two hours hauling mounds and mounds of garbage to the end of our driveway and I got rid of so much stuff and that in itself, carrying boxes, moving furniture, lifting 20 bags of mulch, all was some light exercise. Plus, how good was it to hang out with my mom for my mental health?

What else is true? I completed my first 24 hour fast and followed it by a 21 hour fast. That’s something I’ve never done before and also propelled me farther on my health journey.

Anyway, I’m sorry that this is turning into more of a exercise health blog than what you’re used to but I wanna make sure I’m documenting my journey and sharing some tools that are helping me along the way!

Consistency is how YOU define it – someone else’s consistency does not define mine. Some people consistently go to the gym four – five times a week – I consistently go once a week. That comparison game will getcha down.

Someone commented on my Instagram and said “you look like you’ve lost weight!” I don’t know if I have! I feel better, my scrubs fit better, my SHOES fit better but I’m not going to measure myself with a scale or a measuring tape! I’ve found it throws me off – this goes for tracking workouts too closely, tracking calories too closely, I just want to feel better and that’s what I’m going for – a number can’t define if I feel better or not.

Thanks for reading friends!

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October Days with Mom!

Sorry I’ve been MIA! I feel like that’s how all blog post start off these days. But really, I’ve been super busy. Most of my days off have been spent with my mom because she’s awesome and I love her so much.

Yesterday was an adventure in itself. I had about a five minute warning before we decided to jump in the car and go get groceries and we were going to pick up my niece Georgia too.

I stopped and got some of my favorite snacks at Hy-Vee, the boys got a haircut, I loaded up on groceries, and we finished the morning in a way that it seems like we have been lately with a crispy chicken sandwich from Kwik star.

If you don’t know what Kwik star is, I’m so sorry. It is the worlds best gas station/convenience store and it’d be pretty hard to drive 20 miles in any direction in the Midwest without hitting one. They recently started serving chicken at all of their stores and needless to say it has changed my life.

Carver doesn’t have preschool on Wednesdays so we stopped him off in the combine for his first ride of the season!

When we came home, she forced me in the most loving way to get my shit together and clean out all of the garbage and all of the stuff I’ve been meaning to take to the used store. We even started working down on the basement, I’ve got a big project that I wanna work on down there. There will be more blog posts on that soon.

Our curb is literally filled to the brim – we got rid of SO MUCH! I feel so much lighter and happier and accomplished!

Here mom and carver are “helping“ get all of the junk to the end of the driveway. It was about 7:30 when we finally finished up and we were all beat. I feel so accomplished, ready to tackle new projects, and today we are headed to Home Depot to get some supplies and materials.

I love having my mom so close to me, she truly is my very best friend, and lately my partner in crime as well as the other parent while Craig is in the field.

Also, just a few housekeeping things, I’m having trouble sharing my blog post to my stories on Facebook so if that’s where you see the link for my blogs, you won’t be seeing them but it’s best to always check my Facebook page.

Also, I’ve heard many comments about the light shade of gray as a font on my blog and I want you to know I am working on fixing that. I have heard you, I appreciate your feedback, and I hope you’ll still read even though it’s been a slow process.

Thanks for reading friends! See you tomorrow!

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Intermittent Fasting

So I’ve hinted here and there in a few blog posts about my recent health journey. Some may call it a diet but I refuse to succumb to diet culture so it’s a health journey.

I don’t like to do “before and after pictures” because sometimes when other people post them, I feel bad about myself. I’ve taken my own progress pictures but I don’t intend on sharing them with anyone. I don’t weigh myself so I can’t tell you if I’ve lost weight. I don’t actually own a scale and I’ve committed to not finding out how much I weigh when I go to the doctor.

Instead, I note the way my scrubs fit. Maybe a little tighter somedays, maybe a little loose other days. I note how bloated I feel after I eat certain food. I keep track of how my body feels and my energy level. I do refer back to my progress pictures every now and then but that’s a slippery slope too.

So what have I been DOING? Everyone always asks that. I’m sure you’ve heard it before: Oh my gosh! You look great! What have you been DOING? Well I’ll tell you.

First of all, I paid to join a program called Faster Way to Fat Loss. It was $199 for the six weeks and that is coming to an end on Saturday. I had a long talk with Craig if it was right or was going to fit in our budget and he said (what he always says) “Go for it!”

The idea of the program is to incorporate intermittent fasting. So for example, for a few weeks I would fast for 12 hours and then eat for 12 hours. I built my way up to skipping breakfast and eating all of my food between 11 am and 7 pm. This is a 16:8 fasting schedule. Then, over the weekend I did my first 24 hour fast followed by a 21 hour fast.

If you’ve never fasted before, it sounds really hard. If you’ve never worked night shift before, it sounds really hard. Here’s what you do:

Saturday I was home, I grazed, I didn’t restrict myself, I ate a little more than I usually would. At 6 PM I was done eating; I went to work. I drank a ton of water all night and didn’t eat on my break. I had some coffee and some more water on the way home. I went home and went to bed around 9 AM, then I woke up at 4:30 PM and didn’t eat until I was on my way to work again at 6 PM. Viola! 24 hour fast complete!

Then, I was done eating by 7 PM, (I ate a BIG meal!) got all of my calories/macros in, and began fasting again. Same thing – lots of coffee, lots of water, then went to bed at 9 AM, woke up at 4 PM, ate at 5 PM so there was a 21ish hour fast.

In conclusion, fasting is really easy on overnights. It makes your body more sensitive to insulin, it keeps your body in a fat burning state, and after I’m done fasting, the bloating and the puffiness is just gone. I feel SO GOOD after I fast. The key is to not over eat after fasting so I make sure I’m still tracking what I eat, not restricting but also not over eating. Restricting calories is also counter productive so just eat good choices!

I love fasting mostly for what it does to my insulin response. Imagine snacking all day. Your body is always making and secreting insulin into your blood stream – just a little bit all day long so it never really clears. Food goes in, insulin gets released all day long.

Imagine you only are eating one meal a day – insulin is only released once and then clears the blood stream (in a sense). That insulin is READY to go and your body is more sensitive to it.

I’m not an expert and I don’t claim to be but I’ve done a ton of researching into intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting is good in combination with other healthy choices – just fasting alone won’t make you lose weight. Honestly, I mostly do it because I feel like it is a good reset for my body and I feel so much better when I fast. It’s just an element of what I’ve incorporated on my health journey and wanted to share it with you.

The one book I’ve read that really turned me on to intermittent fasting is called The Obesity Code and it is written by a doctor. He explains why every other diet fails – not just because of how it isn’t sustainable but actually what it does in your body to make you lose weight and gain it back.

It’s easy to listen to, and has awesome reviews! Here is the link to the obesity code:

and here’s a link to the book I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post – Chasing Cupcakes by Elizabeth Benton:

I’ve read far too many diet books in my day but these two are top notch and the reviews will tell you that as well! Let me know if you love them!

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What else is true?

Hey friends!! Sorry I’ve been MIA, tonight is my last night shift of three in a row and I haven’t had the time to get any thoughts on paper.

As you may know, I’ve been on a sort of health journey for a few months now and more than restricting or making rules for myself, I’ve been learning a lot about how I think about food and my relationship with food. I wanted to share something that has been really helping me. Four words: what else is true?

Full credit for this idea/concept goes to one of my favorite thought leaders in the “diet” industry, Elizabeth Benton, author of Chasing Cupcakes and founder of Primal Potential. Here’s an example of how this thought works for me!

There is pizza in the break room. I hear this almost every night I work. Maybe a doctor or a leader has splurged on pizza for the unit or maybe someone brought doughnuts. My first reaction is GARLIC KNOTS!!! Heck yeah. Love me some free pizza. But then, I use my new tool: What else is true?

Yes I would like some pizza but I’ve been tracking how I feel after I eat certain foods. Here’s what else is true:

Yes, pizza sounds great but I already ate supper.

Yes, pizza sounds awesome, but I’m already four hours into a 16 hour fast.

I love dominos garlic knots but they also make me feel greasy, bloated, and crappy.

I want pizza right now, but what else is true:

I’m really not that hungry.

I had a really good day of healthy eating.

I’ll have to start my fast over again.

That wasn’t something I had planned into my macros for the day.

I choose foods that make me feel good.

I don’t like eating junk food this late at night.

Here’s also how that can work in relationships:

Craig didn’t do ANYTHING around the house this weekend while I was working! UGH! Okay, what else is true?

Yesterday was Craig’s only day off.

He spent the morning in the garage working on a project with the boys.

I also didn’t get anything done around the house this weekend.

I know it is hard for me to get anything done when I don’t have help with the boys.

Craig did everything I asked him to do. I really can’t expect more than that when we both have busy work weeks.

The kids were clean and bathed and Carver got what he needed to get back to school this week!

Here is how it got me to work out the other morning: I’m so tired, I don’t want to get out of bed. What else is true?

I committed to working out this morning when I set my alarm last night.

if I don’t workout this morning, I won’t be able to again until Thursday and that doesn’t align with my goal of consistency.

I know I feel good about myself when I make sure to move my body every day that I don’t work. I want to feel good about my body more than I want to hit snooze again.

Ta-dah! Just a little snippet of some of the thought reprogramming that is working for me and it’s so important to my health journey!

Thanks for reading friends!

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I had an awesome Friday! I’m here to tell you all about it.

First of all, I am SORE!! Remember I said I was trying new things and making a good choice every day? Read more on that here.

Anyway, I met my personal trainer for the first time on Thursday – she is PHENOMENAL and super patient with me. She has helped with biggest loser challenges at the wellness center and overall shares her talent and love for fitness with everyone which I think is just so cool. We just went through some basic sets, 45 seconds of work/reps and then a 15 second rest. She helped me with my form to make sure I wasn’t “cheating” and I was working the right muscle group. We met for about an hour, I had to lay down for a bit in there because I honestly hadn’t pushed myself that hard in years. So today, I am FEELING IT.

Bright and early, Gannon had a follow up with the Ear nose and throat specialist to see if he needs to get tubes back in. His hearing is good, no fluid behind the ears, but both tubes that were placed in February are out. Did you know tubes only last about that long? That’s why carver needed so many sets.

Mom tagged along to get her COVID swab before her colonoscopy next week. I got us both a chai tea latte from the new Starbucks in hyvee. You can read more on my healthy grocery haul here.

We stopped at a few of my favorite stores – Decorah is such a cute town and I LOVE their local “makers market” called Rendered Unique. I was eyeing this GORGEOUS cabinet in the store:

Then Gannon and I headed home and snack on my new favorite ice cream:

And he found my sunglasses…

and we took a nap because I was scheduled to work tonight. I was just about to walk out the door when I got a text that said I’m “mandatory flex” which means I’m on call and they don’t need me to come in right now. AWESOME! I get to spend the night with my boys! And that also means that I don’t have to sleep all day tomorrow!

Which is GOOD because I’m pretty far behind on housework with all of Gannons appointments and my orthodontist appointment earlier this week. Laundry needs some help and I just don’t get to see Carver as much as I’d like now that he is in school. So I’m glad to have a night off.

We decided to go on a walk with mom. Carver rode his bike, we stopped at the park, we chatted with some neighbors. Carver helped my moms neighbors clean up pine cones (always looking for work!)

and we all had a grand old time! We stopped to say hi to our friend Marlene, Waucoma’s city clerk who was working late. Carver was saying hi to EVERYONE including the smokers outside of the bar 😂😂 we gotta home and he said “mom, that was such a great walk.” I agree Carv.

So overall, we had a great Friday and I hope tomorrow is a productive day and I so hope I’m not so sore! I can’t wait to see my progress with my fitness!

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I don’t know about you guys, I LOVE SNACKS! More than that, I love healthy snacking! I would much rather eat snack food than a big meal!

There’s a new Hy-vee in town and I’m so dang excited! They have the BEST healthy snack foods and I’m going to share a few of my faves (and not so faves) with you! 🙂

So I will say, it is more expensive – just straight up. I won’t go to hyvee for regular groceries, Walmart is still my go to. But it’s fun to mix it up! Let’s go!

If you’re looking for a peanut butter Reece’s peanut butter cup replacement, this is not it. Are you looking for a nice treat as a pick me up and you love peanut butter and dark chocolate? Then YES! This is so good! With a low glycemic index, it won’t spike your blood sugar and make you hungry again in an hour. This was actually in the refrigerator section by the produce. I would give this an 8/10 – points docked because of the $1.99 price tag.

HOT DAMN! These are SO GOOD! I even went to meet Kelli after I ate these and she commented on how good they smell! These actually are a good replacement for chips. They are more fragile than like Doritos – that’s really the only difference but they are SUPER healthy – low carb, not much sugar, lots of protein and so much flavor! These are $2 a bag though which is sad but I WENT BACK AND BOUGHT 8 more bags today!! 🙂 I’d give this a 10/10 even if it is $2/bag.

I’ve ALMOST bought Halo Top ice cream SO MANY TIMES. I wish I would have bought it sooner! It is SO GOOD! Gannon even loves it! It needs to sit on the counter for a bit to thaw before you can eat it because of the low fat and low sugar content!anything with chocolate and peanut butter is pretty safe for me! This is a 10/10. I love it and will buy again!

I love chocolate chip cookie dough anything BUT This was my first NO. I’ve heard so much about Quest bars and I love the Quest chips but this is a no. The taste – not so bad. The texture? Like saltwater taffy. YUCK!

And finally, a delicious anti oxidant nut mix! Cranberries, walnuts, almonds, raisins, chocolate chips, SO GOOD!

That’s all I have for now! Have you tried any of these? What’s your favorite treat from the grocery store?

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