Out here in the RURAL WORLD!

You guys have been guiding this design from the beginning and I’m so excited to send it off into the world! I present to you: Out here in the RURAL WORLD!

Remember when I was trying to decide which design to go with? Rural world won the vote!

As much fun as I had designing the shirt, I had even more fun wrangling up a few friends to update my pictures on my Etsy site! Ya’ll remember my BFF Regan? She just happens to have two GORGEOUS sisters who were so enthusiastic to help model my new shirts! We had so much fun, I’ve known Ryann and Raquel since before Ryann could walk! I think Raquel was three when I started hanging out with Regan. They both are on our babysitter list and the boys LOVE them! They love and spoil the boys.

And then of course Regan, she’s due in December, had to show off her ADORABLE baby bump! They aren’t finding out what they are having but my hunch is that it is a GIRL!

Regan and Garrett just moved out of their apartment to a house out in the country. They are having a hard time finding a house to buy with this crazy market so they are renting for now but their rental is ADORABLE and had plenty of out buildings to use as our backdrop!

The rural world shirt is SO SOFT, so is the sweatshirt! It’s seriously even softer than the Blessed are the Piecemakers shirt (which everyone thought was super soft) and it is the PERFECT Fall/Red/Burnt orange color!

You can check out my Etsy shop HERE: https://www.etsy.com/shop/kalissageorgia

Let me know what you think!

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