Oral Hygiene + Stocking Stuffer Ideas!

What an interesting title for a blog post! Here’s a dental update (ha) from the Friedman Family! Weird, I know but hang with me.

First of all, Craig went to the dentist yesterday and needs to have his wisdom teeth out, kind of urgently. They did xrays and he has a HOLE in his lower jaw form where an infection is brewing and eating away the bone! Craig had no idea, actually kind of protested it and they showed him the xrays – where his bone was four years ago and…well…where it isn’t now.

In other oral hygiene news, I GET MY BRACES OFF IN FEBRUARY!!!! I’m SO excited. For awhile there it seemed like they might be on for the full two years but now I’ll be getting them off after around 19 months!

I had this piece of hardware behind my two front teeth – they took that off at my last appointment. I was so excited – it gave me a lisp for the first two months. They took it off and there was a bunch of cement that was holding the hardware on. I said, “Can you scrape that off?” (like obviously right?)

They said no! They said that they normally would but because it is an aerosolizing procedure they need to scrape it off in a special room and that room isn’t available today. OW! I was literally cutting my tongue on it! It was like sharp sandpaper! I was so frustrated I drove home and went to my regular dentist – they took it off with the grinder in about 2 minutes – how frustrating.

ANYWAY! I saw an ad on Facebook for a new fancy toothbrush for kids! It is like a vibrating mouth piece that brushes their teeth for them. IT WAS $200! I couldn’t believe it. SO I hopped on Amazon and I found a cheaper knock off!

Carver LOVES IT! He asks to brush his teeth ALL THE TIME! There’s very little mess! Gannon got one too and he was not interested at first.. but now…

My 20 month old brushes his own teeth! You need a special kind of toothpaste – a foam tooth paste – but over all the kids love it and it really does clean their teeth! It comes with a charger and cute little animal shapes. I love that they can do it all on their own. If you’ve ever gotten a fluoride treatment at the dentist, it works similarly to that.

I have an amazon link to the toothbrush here and I thought it would make an AWESOME stocking stuffer for the kiddos in your life! They also have a pink penguin too! I just love that the boys are so excited about brushing their teeth again – Carver has said several times: “Mom! Look at how clean my teeth are!”

Here is the link to the toothbrush: https://amzn.to/37yGCCV

Here is the link to the foam tooth paste: https://amzn.to/3mFOLMb

One of the only online purchases I made on Black Friday was a new toothbrush for myself! I’ve been using a plain old Jane electric toothbrush with my braces but I really need to step it up to avoid any white spots/decay when I get my braces off. I am SO impressed with my new Oral B toothbrush – HOLY POWER!

I wish I would have switched earlier in my braces journey! And also, FYI this post isn’t sponsored by Oral B ? I sincerely love this new toothbrush! (and my new Local sweatshirt from Matted Ink)

Here is a link to MY new toothbrush: https://amzn.to/33J3fnj

So if you guys need an idea for stocking stuffers, get the family a practical gift to improve the whole family’s oral hygiene!

If you ever purchase any amazon products from MY link, I do get commission. If you buy, let’s just say, $150 worth of other stuff while you’re on Amazon by following my link, I also get commission on those things you purchase. It’s a way to support my blog and it is a way to score some great quality products. I just want to be honest with you guys. I would have raved about this product even if I didn’t make any money off of it.



  1. Sandy N
    December 4, 2020 / 3:51 pm

    Please consult with your primary dentist before having your braces removed at the orthodontist. Many orthodontists are only concerned with how pretty your smile looks and not paying enough attention to how your teeth occlude or come together in your molar area. My husband and I own a dental lab and you wouldn’t believe how many cases we get where the anterior teeth are beautiful but the bite is terrible. This leads to a ton of jaw problems and headaches (literally) later on. We are making a ton of nightguards because of grinding/headache issues later for ortho patients.
    I had braces when I was 17 to correct TMJ (headache/jaw) problems. My orthodontist wanted to take my braces off at 18 months because my smile was perfect. My primary dentist refused to let them. I was in braces for much longer than I had planned but the headaches I had growing up have never returned because my regular dentist was focused on my jaw health. I credit him with saving me so many problems later in life.
    I hope I’m not overstepping with my suggestion, I just want the best for you and I see so many problems every day in my work that I felt I should put it out there just in case it would benefit you in the future,
    Love reading your blog. Take care!

    • thepinkshoelaces
      December 5, 2020 / 7:56 am

      I actually ALMOST didn’t need braces but because my bite was off I had to get braces vs. invisalign so I know they were waiting for my bite to correct!
      I’ve never heard of this issue before HOWEVER – I used to have chronic migraines (maybe 1 a month) and I haven’t had one in about a year!
      I wonder if that made the difference! Thanks for the input!

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