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It’s rare to find me without my air pods in, I’ve raved about my 2nd Generation Apple AirPods for years now, I still have the exact same pair. While I didn’t intend to rave about those in this post (although I sure could + I got a pair for my mom and she loves them too)

Well, actually, while I’m on the topic, I LOVE my AirPods – my FAVORITE thing about them is hands free calling. The sync seamlessly with my mac book, my ipad, my iphone – they are honestly one of my essentials and they go where I go. These are one of those products you don’t need the newest generation to get the same quality – I have the “old pair” and they’ve lasted me 2+ years with every day use. Here’s a link to the pair I have – the lowest price I’ve seen on them!

Apple AirPods:

I’m mostly raving about what I’m playing through my AirPods which would be my top favorite podcasts!

#1 Dr. John Delony Show – it’s no secret I’m a Dave Ramsey fan. One of his newest Ramsey personalities is a psychologist. As SOON as I see a new podcast episode, I immediately listen to it. John has a caller driven show, he usually chats with about three people about problems they are facing and how to handle them. This is hands down my FAVORITE podcast I’ve ever listened to. I’ve listened to literally every single one, he makes me laugh, sometimes I cry, but I ALWAYS come away with new tools on how to care for my own mental health and how to interact and improve my relationships with those around me.

#2 Death by Unknown Event – I’m still in the middle of this one but DAMN it’s good. My mom recommended this one to me. There’s a trick to finding this one, I listen to it for free on Audible (my Amazon audio book app). If you’re a true crime junkie like me, you’ll want to drop everything and go binge the entire season.

#3 Two Hot Takes – This one is a fun one. I’m NOT one for just casual conversational podcasts. This is the exception. Two Hot Takes covers some of the best Reddit posts. Morgan (the host) invites her hilarious friends and family onto her podcast to give their “hot take” on various Reddit popular posts. I really like Reddit podcasts – I have two that I always listen to where they cover topics like “Am I the Asshole,” “Malicious Compliance,” “Entitled Parents,” and “Karens.” It’s light hearted and adds a good mix into my heavily true crime saturated subscription list. If you like Reddit podcasts, also check out the podcast r/ (r slash) – he puts out new podcasts every DAY. They are quick, lighthearted, and to the point.

#4 Find Jodi – Maybe some of you are familiar with the disappearance of Jodi Huisentruit, a 27 year old news anchor who disappeared in June of 1995 – a month after I was born. This case is VERY local to us and was recently featured on 20/20 episode – Gone at Dawn (also a podcast you can listen to). The find Jodi podcast is a great resource and solely dedicated to Jodi’s disappearance. There are still new episodes coming out. I’m finding many locals who have been following the case (everyone around here is pretty aware of the case) weren’t aware of this podcast and it’s very well put together.

#5 Your Own Backyard – This is quite possibly my FAVORITE podcast binge – again, I’m a crime junkie and this is the most well put together true crime podcast I’ve found. It is focused on the case of Kristen Smart. Most importantly – there HAS BEEN A RECENT ARREST! There is a conclusion to this case, quite possibly because of the podcast. My mom recommended this one to me and I binged it all as soon as I could. His voice is so soothing, I just can’t recommend this one enough.

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  1. Maggie
    February 22, 2022 / 1:16 pm

    Good Morning! I have been following your momma’s blog for a while now – and wandered over to your site, and your podcast list reminded me of another podcast that I have enjoyed….. I thought it would be right up your alley considering this list.
    You may have heard of it – in which case – disregard!

    SSDM… looks kind of funny that way – – – – Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered…. there is also a book…. I won’t add links here – because – well, you’re not supposed to click on links – but – perhaps these are of interest to you.

    Take care – and hope your feeling better!


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