New Glasses!

For many of you, this isn’t necessarily new news, but I’m just getting caught up on blog posts and wanted to make sure as many people as possible hear about the InfantSee program.

My godson and nephew Eli got a new pair of classes! Eli is a twin to Emmett. They are coming up on just a year old here in April. I’m going to refer to my mom’s blog post, you can find it here but I’ll give you the skinny:

Although Eli has been developing, we’ve always wondered if something was up with Eli.  He hasn’t progressed as far as Emmett but we decided that it was likely because kids just grow differently.  We didn’t know if maybe it was because his hearing is impaired because of the ear infections.  He was tested and we were told that his hearing is about the same as if you put your fingers in your ears and then listen.  They expect that will improve after tubes so that’s why we are pushing to get the tubes.

We’ve always known that Eli might have a little bit of trouble as due to the circumstances of his birth, he might have been deprived of oxygen for a little bit so we didn’t know if it might be something like that happening with him.  Whatever it was, we were determined to do all we could to give him a happy life…and we knew whatever it was that made him a little different, was mild enough that he might have some bumps in the road but nothing that would stop him.

Recently Kelli took the boys in to get their eyes checked.  We have a family history on my husband’s side of the family for lazy eye, in that the optic nerves don’t develop equally.  Kramer’s dad had it, Kramer had it, our son Buck has it.  So far, we test the grandkids early on and none of them have had it…until Eli.

What prompted Kelli to get the boys checked was their family history AND there is a program called Infant See.  You can find them online.  Eye doctors have gotten together to provide free eye exams for infants so they can catch problems early.  I highly recommend the program.

After going to the eye doctor we found out that Emmett is okay but Eli needs glasses.

I watch Kelli’s kiddos every once in awhile, even more this past January while my mom was going through radioactive iodine treatment for her cancer. I watched him the week before he had his eye appointment and he was so frustrated and again, just “off.” He would bang his head on the floor and was just fussier than Emmett.

We’ve all noticed a HUGE change in Eli since he’s gotten his glasses (as long as he keeps them on!) and is so much more interactive.

I’ve had both of my kiddos checked out around 1 year old for any eye problems just because the optic nerve issue does run in our family. Fortunately, both boys check out just fine (Carver may have some color blindness which also runs in our family, but we will just monitor that for now!) It’s a wonderful program and I recommend it to anyone with little tots! For more info, check out the InfantSee program here:

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  1. Elle
    January 30, 2022 / 3:55 pm

    Oh sweet! He sees you wearing glasses so he can connect 🙂

    Happy Sunday 🙂

  2. Carolyn
    January 31, 2022 / 5:52 pm

    It’s awesome that a program like that excises

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