NEW DRINK RECIPE: Watermelon Crushers!

So we were out and about at a Market a few weeks ago and they had a bar – imagine a food truck but with alcoholic beverages. They had some really cool options and I was excited to try them out! One drink that caught my eye was a watermelon crusher. The original recipe is: Ginger Beer + Jalapeno Vodka + Watermelon Lemonade. I loved it so much I went back for a second! When I left the market that day, I was set out on a quest to recreate the drink.

So I began my search for Jalapeno vodka. Disclaimer: I HATE anything spicy. I won’t even touch the Jalapeno poppers in the combo basket. I HATE HATE HATE anything too hot or spicy. But you absolutely need to start using jalapeno vodka in your mixed drinks – it adds the PERFECT hit to any drink. However, it doesn’t exist. I’ve looked in EVERY liquor store that I drove past for a good month until I finally messaged the owner of the bar and asked where she got it. Guess what? She makes it! Take canned jalapenos – take a cheap bottle of vodka – combine the two for about an hour – let them soak in the vodka – strain the jalapenos out and VIOLA! Jalapeno vodka! Shout out to Bev the Barbarian for the tip! You can follow her on instagram @bevthebarbarian

Then I began my search for the perfect watermelon mixer. So I have an anti-aging + wellness watermelon flavored supplement that I drink every single day. I LOVE it but it is on the spendy side and I didn’t want to waste it on an alcoholic drink. Here is a link to that drink – I look forward to it every single morning and I feel like my biggest benefit from it is appetite control! If you want to try it, make sure to use my coupon code for $10 off: 59075

So instead I added these three packet flavors to my Walmart pickup order and decided to run an experiment. Out of the three, even though it was harder to dissolve, the True Lime Limeade packets won in a landslide. Of course Amazon doesn’t have a link for just one box – it comes in “bulk” so here is a link to four boxes! Ha! I like them enough I’d drink them regularly without any alcohol!

Then when it comes to ginger beer, there are two kinds I buy. Both are sugar free. I PREFER the Zevia even though it is more expensive, smaller cans, and harder to find but in a pinch I have no problem with the Barritts brand. Just an FYI, ginger beer doesn’t actually have alcohol in it. Just like root beer doesn’t have alcohol in it. I use these in my moscow mules as well. It adds just a subtle hint of carbonation. ANDD then get some lime juice. Here are the ginger beer brands:

The actual recipe is: 1 part vodka – 1 part ginger beer – 1 part watermelon drink – lime juice to top it off. Add ice and enjoy! This has been my go to summer drink!

My mom (kind of joking) asked if I was going to blog about my new drink. She wondered if my blog readers would question my “wholesomeness” – please allow me to bust any myths about my “wholesome character.” I like to drink alcohol. I enjoy trying new drinks and new recipes. I love a good margarita. I love seltzers. I love a good moscow mule. I used to drink more whiskey based drinks but now I’m a bit more conscious of sugar/calories. I’m NOT a wine drinker whatsoever (again, sugar and the hangovers are so much worse). But I’m human. I drink responsibly. I enjoy drinking socially with friends and family. If that isn’t your style, no sweat, you’re still welcome here 🙂

What are your favorite drinks? Are you a wine drinker? Thanks for reading friends!

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  1. Elle
    July 14, 2021 / 2:06 pm

    YUM! Try Crystal Light Mango as a mixer! (I dilute it double what the package says.

    I wonder if alcohol to go is here to stay or if it will disappear when someone decides this pandemic is “over” (I say tongue in cheek).

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter
    July 14, 2021 / 9:12 pm

    Love a good red, just not a cab. Another refreshing drink for summer is a 1 can Bubly Sparkling Grapefruit, 2 shots of Hendricks Gin and the juice of one lime. Really refreshing!! I’m not a gin drinker, but apparently the brand is very important. Keep cool!!!

  3. Donna
    July 14, 2021 / 9:21 pm

    II have loved the True lime and lemon products for years. They add the right zing even to water. Amazon does offer the single lemon and live in jars.

  4. Donna
    July 14, 2021 / 9:22 pm

    Oh my, my spelling leaves something to be desired.

  5. Anne
    July 18, 2021 / 10:59 am

    Another good sub for ginger beer is ICE Ginger Lime flavor. I use it in Moscow Mules all the time. Way cheaper than ginger beer but can be hard to find. Try Wlamart.

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