My Favorite Local Small Businesses + A Day with Mom

I love supporting local small businesses. Mom and I went to a local market last week and I got some goodies! I want to share my “haul” with you.

Wonder Joy Candles!

First of all, I’ve shared about Wonder Joy candles before. She ended up getting orders from all over the country when I blogged about her candles last time. Here’s a fun back story, the lady who screen prints my shirts, (hey Stacy!) her sister Jodi owns this business selling non-toxic soy candles. I can confidently walk by ANY other candle vendor because I will only buy these candles. My favorite scent is Fresh Lilac but she has a few new Summer/Fall scents, I had to buy three new scents.

I plan on spending a lot of time at home this Fall with the new babe and can’t wait to feel cozy with these new Fall scents, ESPECIALLY White Pumpkin which is the Fall candle to end all Fall candle competition. Gannon even loves the smell of it! The Blackberry Sage and Caramel Apple were clearly a close second. I also love her room sprays too! I have MANY of them! You can find her Etsy shop here:


As I mentioned, I’ll be spending a lot of time in my home this Fall. I literally have NEVER decorated for Fall or any season other than Christmas. I was at the market and couldn’t resist these ADORABLE little ghosts! This booth was hosted by Dawn who owns Skrapwork. She makes so many beautiful designs herself from reclaimed wood so every item is totally unique. She’s got a really cool story about starting this business with her Dad, I’ll link to her site here but definitely check out her about section!

I have many of her pieces on our home and I’ve gifted several of her designs too. Mom was eyeing those snow men in the corner while I’m still dreaming of that snowflake round! The pictures I have of her booth just aren’t doing her talent justice. Dawn also partners with a local gal, Coletta who owns Fernacopia. Coletta has the ultimate green thumb and sells beautiful house plants that pair beautifully with Dawn’s skrapwork. I’ll link to Coletta’s page here:

Cute Patootie by April

I would say just about every babe in Northeast Iowa has been cuddled by a blankie sewn by April at Cutie Patootie. Yes, I can sew (barely). Yes, my mom can sew but April has the CUTEST designs and softest Minky and Cuddle. Of course I had to stop at her booth and pick out a new blankie for the new babe, a Fall themed one! I also received a free onezie with my purchase, I picked the buffalo plaid one! If you’ve purchased a blankie from April (she has them in all sizes, including adult!) you know it is worth every penny and they make beautiful gifts! Here’s a link to her site:

Hawkeye Screen Printing

Every local tee shirt business has a favorite tee shirt business to buy their tees from! Mine is Hawkeye Screen Printing owned by Allison. If you’re a Hocus Pocus or Halloween fan, DEFINITELY check out her website. I’ve lost many a local Halloween costume contests to Allison, she’s your go to Halloween gal but ALSO she’s a boy mom (check out my new sweatshirt) and she’s got lots of cute local agriculture shirts too! I snagged the shirt on the left for Carver, she’s got sizes available all the way down to 2T. Here is a link to her site: and I would recommend seeing some her her newer designs/Halloween apparel on her Facebook page here: Hawkeye Screen Printing | Facebook


These pumpkins were EVERYWHERE! I collected some from a few different booths at the market to go with my ghosts. I now present to you my entire Fall decoration collection: no seriously, beyond what you see here this is all I’ve got so far! I’m just now warming up to seasonal decorations, it just hasn’t been a priority to us while we’ve been paying off debt the last three years. They weren’t even up for 15 minutes before Gannon started dinking with them. My FAVORITE color is that deep rust orange – like the smallest pumpkin so I’m excited to spread that color all over the house!

While the market was in town, there were tons of garage sales. We hit an AWESOME garage sale that had tons of boy clothes in Carver and Gannon’s exact sizes. I showed Carver all of my finds when I got home and he was thoroughly impressed. I also thought my quilting readers might like to see this coffee table I saw made from an old window – see how they stored the quilt in there? I loved that idea!

Grain and Thread

One last mention, Grain and Thread is also a boutique that was at the market. It’s literally my FAVORITE boutique of all time. She also does some screen printing, she’s got home decor, gifts, accessories, and a wide selection of clothes and shoes – including the best plus size collection. I didn’t get any pictures of her booth because honestly, I’m not in the condition to shop for clothes AND I go to her brick and mortar store pretty regularly. In fact, my sunglasses, my dress, and my necklace in the picture all happened to be from her store! Her store is a must see, it’s located in Sumner, Iowa just down the street from my OTHER favorite Sumner store Makers Market (I blogged about that here). It’s a perfect girls trip destination if you’re in Iowa!

Overall, my mom and I had a wonderful morning at the market. I of course purchased much more than she did but we had a great time with some great finds! I still think I’m most excited about my new White Pumpkin candle I’m smelling as I type this! Gotta love Fall ya’ll!

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