Mommy and Daddy Time!

Craig and I needed some alone time. BADLY. We’ve been running this way and that way for so long, we really needed a weekend to ourselves. We didn’t plan ANYTHING. We just went with the flow and it was great. 

Craig’s parents, Kevin and Debbie, they live about an hour away. They were so sweet and met us halfway to pick up the boys. While we were getting gas after our meet up, we ended up finding a cute little BBQ restaurant in the same town! 

Craig and I loved the Great American BBQ Showdown on Netflix (highly recommend) so we’ve been itching to get some BBQ lately! The atmosphere and the staff were SO friendly and the food was AMAZING! 

Halfway through our meal, the owner Shelby came out, introduced himself, thanked us for our business, and gave us complimentary peach cobbler! I tell you what, I will NEVER go back there without ordering the peach cobbler! Definitely check it out, I know mom and Karl are already excited to try it out! 

We really wanted to go mountain biking and take out our new bikes but the trails are SO mushy. If you ride mountain bikes on mushy trails, you can really damage them. You need to ride them when they are FROZEN or dry – very little mountain biking in between is safe or good for the trails. We ended up doing some gravel travel to get used to the new bikes which was so fun. Craig snapped a few pics of my and my new bike – he really gets into the angles! HA! 

On our way home, there was a fire call. We were too far away to go on the call (Craig is a firefighter) but when we drove by the station, there were a few people hanging out. We stayed and chatted with our fire friends after they all came back from the call. We stayed for a few hours actually and then went out to eat with a few of our friends from the department! It was a great night! Again, totally unexpected and unplanned but super fun!

Sunday was super chill, Craig helped with chores at the farm while I slept in uninterrupted. I got some laundry done, took a nice long shower, and now I’m working on blog posts as we had back to pick up the boys. I know we will appreciate our time with them even more now that we had some time apart. 

I got a few new arts and crafts items, some paint and I hope we can do that tonight. Carver is also Trojan of the week this week so we get to put together a video and a few projects to show his classmates which is exciting. 

I’m back to work again tomorrow, I have four scheduled shifts this week between the ER and ICU so back to the old grind but feeling well rested and recharged! 

Craig and I really appreciated our time together this weekend so thank you SO MUCH to Craig’s parents, you’re the BEST! 

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  1. Susan the Farm Quilter
    March 19, 2021 / 11:41 pm

    Having grandparents who are willing and able to take the kids for the weekend is a treasure!! So glad you are refreshed for your 4-shift jam this week. You look like you are having fun on your bike!

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