Monday was BUSY!

9:00: Carver had his first day of camp – Kayla and I roller skated while Jasper and Gannon hung out at the park.

10:30: Carver done with camp – Kayla went to the thrift store – I had a picnic with the boys – we played at the park.

11:00: Boys changed into swim suits – walk to the splash pad/pool for swimming lessons.

11:50: Boys changed and loaded up to get to Grandma Dee’s outside of town.

12:15: Leave boys at Grandma Dee’s – high tail it to work to work 1330 – 1900 in ER.

13:20: Clock in

1900: No way I’m getting out on time

2130: FINALLY clocked out 2.5 hours after the end of my shift.

2230: Back to Grandma Dee’s only to find out I NEVER LEFT HER A DIAPER BAG!

2315: Finally home and snuggled in bed with Carver until Daddy gets home from a fire meeting.

WHEW! When I heard I forgot the diaper bag, my heart sank. I felt so terrible. Grandma Dee is Craig’s grandma, the boy’s GREAT Grandma. She’s so sweet and always willing to help us out, I felt sick thinking I had inconvenienced her.

NOT AT ALL she said! She is the most resourceful lady I know! We had a good belly laugh at the “system” she developed in place of disposable diapers for Gannon!

Towel + Safety Pins + Grocery sack (with holes cut for legs) = the perfect solution!

We laughed and laughed, my belly hurt from laughing so hard. The boys told me all about the frog they found on the window in the kitchen, her new “vib-er-at-er” chair, (as Carver calls her massage chair), all about how Carver smelled “spoiled rotten” after she loads them up with chocolate milk and anything they ask for. We just love Craig’s grandparents and I’m so thankful to have them close. I’m also thankful for her resourcefulness in solving the “no diapers” debacle.

I laughed and told her I was surprised she didn’t just potty train him that afternoon! If anyone could do it, it would be her! There’s your chuckle for the day. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Susan the Farm Quilter
    August 1, 2021 / 2:33 pm

    Back in her day, disposable diapers were not available and her generation had learned to make do with what they had, but thank goodness for no blowouts!!! Boys can be so hard to potty train…grateful I just had girls, but I’m not helping my daughter much with trying to potty train her boys!! Sounds like Monday was a day to remember!

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