When we had Anders, we thought “This will be great! The boys will be in school so it will be just me and Anders all day on my maternity leave!” Well, that plan greatly relies on the boys ACTUALLY being in school.

Monday began EARLY and by early, I mean at 12:03 am when Carver came into our bedroom with a fever of 101 and complaining of a sore throat and headache. I was so bummed, Carver and Gannon has been all over baby Anders all weekend and I went into a tiny panic mode. So Carver was going to be home from school.

Gannon had one of his follow ups with a urology specialist. We’ve had this appointment scheduled for over a year of course not knowing that I would have a 5 day old at the time. The appointment is in an outreach clinic much closer to our house than Iowa City so it was a double whammy – the appointment was non-negotiable and wasn’t going to be cancelled.

So we scrambled, my mom was supposed to watch my sister’s kids but Kelli (thank you Kelli!) was able to find someone else so mom could watch a sick Carver and Anders while I took Gannon to his specialist appointment (about an hour there and back).

Yesterday’s events would NOT have been possible without my new portable hands free breast pump – Elvie Stride. I would pump in the car and then have a fresh bottle ready for Anders whenever we got to where we were going.

We got back home and I was going to take Gannon back to school when the MELTDOWN began. We’ve had a lot of excitement since Anders has been born so nap time has been off schedule and he’s having a bit of a hard time adjusting to the big change here at home. He did NOT want to go to school and for how grumpy he was, I decided a nap would benefit him more than an afternoon of preschool. So now I’ve got all three boys at home with me for the day.

We head home and I get everyone (including myself) laid down for a nap until we had to wake up and get Carver and Anders to the doctor and Gannon back to my mom’s. Carver needed a strep throat swab, Anders needed a weight check and a jaundice check. So up North we went.

Anders is such a chill baby, I have to set alarms to wake him up at night to feed him. He was born a tiny bit early so he’s needed some time adjusting to life which has meant he’s lost a little weight and his billirubin is a little high too. Carver got swabbed and Anders got his weight check. We had a long wait in lab to get his billirubin drawn but Carver was a champion brother and kept a very close eye on him the whole time.

We had a few pick up orders before we headed home. Craig didn’t end up starting in the field yesterday (still just a tiny bit wet) so he was home earlier than expected and we snarfed down some leftovers before crashing into bed.

In conclusion, Anders is doing okay with his weight and jaundice, he will need a recheck on Thursday. Gannon’s appointment went well and we are CLEARED from urology! We won’t have to see them again unless there’s an issue. Carver’s fever miraculously disappeared and his strep throat was negative. So while it was a crazy day of doctors appointments, we are all on the up and up.

Today is much better, I’m typing this at 11 am and I’ve hardly left my bedroom other than to get the boys on the bus at 7 am. Anders and I have been snoozing, relaxing, watching TV, sorting out the budget, and writing this blog post. This is more the ideal maternity leave I was dreaming of. I’ve also found I can type out a blog post while he rests on my chest. It’s pure bliss.

I wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has “bought me a coffee” the past week, I’m super excited to use the funds to purchase a ticket to a local business conference mom and I are going to!

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