Long time, no see!

It has been a wild few weeks here with the Friedman fam which is why I haven’t been keeping you updated as well as I usually do. I looked at all of these beautiful pictures and wanted to make sure they were shared with the world.

We are in the depths of planting seasons – this means late nights and early mornings. While I truly enjoy working night shift 90% of the year, when it is crazy busy planting season now, it’s a little harder. Craig came home early for the first time in a long time tonight, he walked in the door at 5:30 and I walked out at 5:35 to finish my night 4/4 in a row – a whole 5 minutes together.

They are doing really well on planting, we’ve had NO RAIN here in NEIA so usually the get a little break if and when it rains but there really hasn’t been a break. We stopped out at the farm to visit Craig the other night. Carver got to stay and help him work on the planter. They both had so much fun!

Carver has been obsessed with reading and he finished his first “chapter book” with mom the other night. We told him “WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU” and he replied “I’m so proud of myself!” Based on these pictures I snapped, I can tell!

Last weekend, before we all got hit with the stomach flu, we had a wonderful time visiting with Auntie Kayla who came home for the weekend! Kayla brought home some new card games and Carver has been begging to play again and again! We had a special supper and hung out in the living room live streaming a high school musical from Kayla’s school she used to teach at. My sister Kayla lives about 2 hours south east of here so we always head over to my mom’s when Kayla is home and up visiting.

I don’t really know much else, it’s just been a long weekend and I’m ready to be at home with the family again. It was 90 degrees out here in Northeast Iowa, I had no clue because my only exposure outdoors during the day was to get from my car to the house and back to my car again! I’m so bummed I missed it.

We miss Craig, I’m glad the boys got time with him 1 on 1 tonight but I would be lying if I said my heart wasn’t heavy as I pulled out of the driveway. I keep remembering, it’s only temporary. The seeds will all be in the ground soon enough and I’m looking forward to many nights in the pool, eating on the back porch, and soaking up the sunshine!

Thanks for reading! I’ve got enough blog posts to fill the week so keep checking back!

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  1. Joy
    May 3, 2021 / 12:57 pm

    Sounds like the weather we have had heads right to you! NW Iowa is so!! dry. Our guys finished planting Saturday. No break…planted corn and then right to beans! Done! Love the picture of the boys in the tractor and the broken out blue jeans ?. Typical farm kid…. couldn’t keep jeans good for nothing! Carver is doing great reading chapter books. Is he in preschool? That is amazing. Have a good week! Hope you get some rain and I hope we do too.

    • thepinkshoelaces
      May 5, 2021 / 5:33 am

      Your comment made me smile 🙂 Thanks so much for reading! Carver is 4.5 years old <3 - I can't take credit for his brains, he's always been creepy smart and observant beyond his years.

  2. Cinders
    May 3, 2021 / 10:59 pm

    Hello! Love reading your blog with so much activity! I cannot read much on the blog today as the photos are covering your message, wondering what can I do to correct this?

    • thepinkshoelaces
      May 5, 2021 / 5:31 am

      Hmmm..I’m not sure! This was a photo heavy post so maybe there was a glitch? thanks for letting me know!

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