Let’s Summarize! A Week with the Friedman Fam!

My little Johnny Jumper Boy (that’s my nickname for Carver) is getting too big for 3T pajamas! I feel like I JUST switched him to 3T and now we are on to 4T! Oh my little boy, don’t grow up too fast! Look how short those jammies are! What do you call pajamas at your house? Jammies? PJs? Pajamas? My nephew Scotty calls them “Night wear”

My new favorite go to freezer meal! I found these in the “healthy” freezer section at WalMart – I had a little bit of sticker shock at $3.69 per meal but they are delicious, they are ready in 4.5 minutes, AND it is better than spending $12 on food delivery at work! These are great for days when I haven’t packed my lunch. I just keep a few in the freezer at work!

My mom made Craig his favorite: fruit brownies. Here’s the thing, if I make a pan of brownies, I literally have 0 self control. I will eat the pan of brownies. Therefore, I rely on my mom to make sweets. If I want rice pudding (my favorite) I send her a text and WAH-LAH! RICE PUDDING! She’s amazing! So when Craig begged for fruit brownies, she obliged. Here’s the recipe if you’re interested! A word of advice, these are best consumed in the first 48 hours after they are made. Here’s the recipe:


Carver took a pretty hard hit! He was racing his combine, the combine hit the lip between the kitchen and dining room at just the wrong angle and he went head over combine face first and got a bloody nose. We always use “wet washcloths” to solve any and all boo boos at our house (a trick my mom used on me so many times) and he was all better.

I found a delicious veggie roasting seasoning for my meal prep for the week! I found this by the seasoning at Walmart and of course. I’m obsessed with frozen veggies so it was a no brainer! I highly recommend! I tried to be stingy and only use one packet to cover two pans of veggies, I would recommend one packet per pan of veggies!

BRRRR!!! Northeast Iowa has been hit hard with COLD air this week! As you can see (I need to fill up with gas) -22 in my car on Friday morning on my way to clinicals! Craig has still been working on the farm but mostly stays in the shop/garage doing maintenance work when it gets this cold.

I didn’t realize how much FOOD content I have in this blog post but WOWZA! I needed a quick meal and I had fresh smoked chops from the New Albin meat market so I made veggie omelets with spinach, mushrooms, onions, and peppers to go along with hash browns in my air fryer! YUM! Carver even ate some of his pork chop! (He doesn’t like to try anything new)

We got plenty of snow last weekend. I worked overnights Friday Saturday and Sunday. One of my favorite co workers scraped all that snow off for me! Thanks Jen! I know you’re a loyal reader 🙂 While we got probably 6 inches it was on the weekend so there weren’t many delays or cancellations – nothing like last year! UGH that was awful! We got HORRIBLE snow storms, blizzards, and even a polar vortex. Needless to say, this winter has been pretty mild in comparison.

I’ve got a sleepy little Gannon here who fell asleep in his supper! Don’t mind the red cheeks – Gannon is usually a little rosy.

This just hit me right in the feels having not worn makeup for about the past MONTH straight. YOLO!

We bought Frozen II. We totally could have waited for it to come out on Disney Plus but it is honestly probably one of my favorite movies right now(along with the Wolfe of Wallstreet – what a combo). We all watched it yesterday. Craig hasn’t seen it yet and he loved it too!

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    How would the content be different in a newsletter from your blog? Convince me I need one more email in my inbox!!

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