Last Vacation as a Family of Four!

We had a short family trip last week to Brainerd/Crosby Minnesota and we had a blast! The first full day we were there, we did a lot of family activities. Our first night was in a waterpark in Brainerd and the boys were SQUIRRELY after the 4 hour car ride. We picked up some pizza and then got to the waterpark as soon as we could!

The boys have gained so much confidence in the pool this Summer – Carver was so excited to do the body slide (over and over and over) and Craig took Gannon down the tube slide (over and over and over), enough to wear them out before bed time!

The next morning, the boys got to experience continental breakfast for the FIRST TIME EVER and they were amazed at the pancake machine. After they spilled a glass of apple juice, Carver tried to eat cereal and milk with his fingers, and there was more maple syrup on the table than the pancakes, we headed back to the waterpark for some more fun! By checkout time, I had a surprise for the boys. We were headed to the zoo! Here is a link to the zoo we went to: Safari Park | Safari Zoo | Family Outing | Brainerd | MN ( My favorite exhibit was feeding the giraffes. They ate carrots right out of our hands!

We had SO much fun! I personally think it was the highlight of our trip! Carver wanted to pose with all the statues at the park. We were laughing the whole time. The weather was perfect, it wasn’t too crowded at all. There was such a variety of animals, we will go back again for sure!

Carver and Gannon wanted to imitate one of the statues, I got the BEST pictures:

After the zoo, we packed up and headed out of Brainerd to Crosby where most of the mountain biking trails were. We checked into our ADORABLE Air BNB and got settled before Craig and Carver took mountain biking lessons. You can read more on that post here: Mountain Biking Lessons: Sure Shift

I’m clearly not in any shape to be mountain biking at 33 weeks pregnant so Gannon and I enjoyed our time at the beach while the boys hit the trails. Again, we had SO much fun. I loved spending 1:1 time with Gannon.

And finally, we got our picture as a family of four. They have a selfie station at the trail head and we get a picture every year! Here is the 2021 and 2022 pictures:

Next year we will have another little one to add to the family photo! This was just our first day of vacation and the boys were out like a light when we got back to our Air BNB. Craig and I enjoyed supper on the patio and we were in bed by 10! It was the best day ever!

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  1. Becky
    August 20, 2022 / 9:51 pm

    Oh how fun, I am so glad y’all got to enjoy this time together! Not long before the little one arrives!

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