Kitchen Remodel and New Goals

I’m currently laying on my moms couch. We kind of have to like not be at home when the tiler is there working because we just get in the way and he’s cutting tile outside and it’s just – we don’t want to be in his way. So we are hanging out at mom’s and I’m already dreaming about our next home renovation!

So while last year we were HARD CORE Dave Ramsey fans, we are definitely more Dave-ish this summer but ready to get back on track! I’ve cleaned up the September budget and setting new financial goals. In April we paid off our credit card debt so we rewarded ourselves with a cash flowed bathroom remodel. Well after we get our vehicles paid off, we are saving for a kitchen/laundry/dining room remodel!

I’ve done some math and if we stay focused, it will be at around this time next year. That’s only putting an extra $1,000/month at cars so easy peasy.

Last year we were putting 2-3k / month towards debt working insane hours and going out to eat MAYBE once a month. Things were intense – we don’t want to go back to that necessarily but we still want to make progress.

If we pay off our vehicles that will give us $800 more per month towards debt or cash flowing another remodel. And of course Craig wants a mountain bike 🙂

Our current kitchen is a galley kitchen and despite the fact that it’s narrow, we really love it. We just think the space could be better used. So all of the appliances would be moved to this wall…add a bigger window, remove the soffit, raise the ceilings back up, add narrow cupboards on the right side to add more walking space.

And then we would open up and stabilize this load bearing wall and blend the dining room and kitchen together more. The paper on the floor is from the tiler so he doesn’t scratch the floor in and out. We don’t mind but he is super considerate and careful.

Here’s some of my kitchen inspiration:

Any kitchen remodel advice? I know it will be far more expensive than our bathroom and more complex.

Thanks for reading guys! Can’t wait to show you progress on the bathroom!

UPDATE: I just snuck over to see how the tile is going!!!!! Obviously the green is just spacers to keep the tiles separated.

We are SO SO SO HAPPY with how it is turning out!!!


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  1. Ellie
    August 26, 2020 / 12:29 pm

    We did a kitchen remodel about 5 years ago, It’s wonderful to be done but the process is even more disruptive than a bathroom! I’m happy with most of what was done but I wish I’d gone with quartz counters rather than granite.

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