Kalissa’s Gift Giving Guide #2

If you missed Kalissa’s Gift Giving Guide #1, CHECK IT OUT HERE FIRST!


Now, for Kalissa’s Gift Giving Guide #2:

J.R Watkins Handsoap

My mom was gifted this soap last year for Christmas by one of her childcare parents and this hand soap smells delightful! I can only attest to the Lavender, Ocean Breeze, and Aloe/Green tea scent but I’ve been very happy with them so far! The best part about this particular product is it comes in a four pack – great for a stocking stuffer, a gift for a teacher/acquaintance, secret Santa, or in combination with another gift (and one for yourself of course!) HERE IS THE LINK:


Clear Window Bird Feeder

How adorable is this? Now, I’m warning you, I have not personally bought this but I am going to for a special someone who I hope isn’t reading the blog right now! Do you have a family member in the nursing home? Do you have a grandson who would love some birds to visit him in his bedroom? There are many sizes and variations of this affordable bird feeder to fit any window! Check it out! HERE IS THE LINK:


Steve Madden Triangle Fringe Scarf

I have the BLACK version of this scarf but I wear this scarf constantly. It goes with anything and everything. While it is a bit more on the expensive side, I get so many compliments on it. Be cautious – THIS WILL KEEP YOU WARM. This is less of a fashion scarf and more of a “I live in the midwest and I need to be warm and fashionable” scarf. I have the black version of it. The best part about scarves is that one size fits all. This would be perfect for a daughter in law/sister in law who is hard to shop for. Who wouldn’t love to have a new scarf? HERE IS THE LINK:


Carbon Monoxide Detector

Who is the practical gift giver? Everyone needs a carbon monoxide detector in their home and on at all times. Did you know kids and pets will be the first to show symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning as they are lowest to the ground? Carbon monoxide is odorless and dangerous! Give the gift of peace of mind for the loved ones in your life! HERE IS THE LINK:


Ultra Light Down Jacket

I ordered this jacket THREE YEARS AGO! And I love it! I have the black version. My least favorite part about winter is wearing a coat. This is so lightweight, easy to move in, and FASHIONABLE. It looks good dressed up with a dress or dressed down for preschool drop off. My preferred T shirt size is XL and I would say it runs true to size! It is extra long so it covers my bum too! I get so many compliments on how slimming it is! Overall, when my current jacket somehow doesn’t work for me, I will be purchasing another one of these. HERE IS THE LINK!


Beard Cape

I don’t have a great review for this product personally. BECAUSE CRAIG DOESN’T USE IT! We have it, it works wonders, it has worked in the past, yet I came into the bathroom yesterday only to find my vanity and sink covered in beard clippings! Not because of a faulty product but a faulty husband (haha just kidding)

BUT you guys, when it works, IT WORKS! This would be a great replacement for the newspapers your husband lays in the sink before he trims his beard! It would be a good stocking stuffer for the son in laws or brother in laws in your life! HERE IS THE LINK:


That’s all I have for now folks! My last gift giving guide was a huge hit!

If you ever purchase any amazon products from MY link, I do get commission. If you buy, let’s just say, $150 worth of other stuff while you’re on Amazon by following my link, I also get commission on those things you purchase. It’s a way to support my blog and it is a way to score some great quality products. I just want to be honest with you guys. I would have raved about this product even if I didn’t make any money off of it.


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