I’ve been momming.

Where have I been the last two days? I’ve been momming and wifing.

I stopped scrolling past November to find the last time I had four days off in a row. The last time I had three days off in a row was in January. I am NOT taking this time for granted. The farthest thing from my mind has been the blog. So much so, I haven’t even taken many pictures to share! You’ll just have to imagine this blog post 😉

Thursday I went to therapy. I’ve been very open about my struggles with anxiety in the past and these past two months have left me burnt out and questioning my purpose. It felt SO. GOOD. To get all that off my chest. Fortunately, my therapist is THE BEST and just lets me drop in when I’m needing some extra help and I don’t have to commit to a program or plan of care. I ran a few errands in town and then was home with my boys for the night. Craig had a meeting so we all snuggled and fell asleep in our bed.

Friday was a home day. I didn’t leave the house until 6 pm. I tackled the MOUNDS of laundry that had taken over our laundry room. I took a nap with the boys. I stayed in my pajamas. I planned a date night with Craig and we went to the East Bremer Cafe – A restaurant we’ve planned on going to for literally years but we never end up making it. We ordered drinks, appetizers, dessert, and just splurged. We made it a phone free night and we were tucked in by 9:30!

Saturday was a FUN day – mom and I went shopping with the boys to the discount grocery store the local Amish run. We both loaded up on our favorites. We explained what it means to be Amish to Carver and he just could not wrap his head around the fact that they didn’t have lights! We stopped at a general store/wood work shop and we had so much fun finding little treasures! Here is Carver testing out a sea of handmade rocking horses!

They also have the coolest key chain selection! Check out Carver’s “tools” – he’s told me time after time how much he loves his tools and he takes them everywhere!! As you can see how tiny they are compared to my hand!

Then it is off to Sumner to our two favorite stores: Makers Market and Grain and Thread. Mom and I both spent more than we intended but I just couldn’t resist. I got a dress for Jasper’s baptism next week! I can’t wait to show you guys!

Then it was time for a stop at the Country View Dairy (read more on then in this previous blog post) Carver was SO FUNNY! He fell asleep on the way there so we snuck inside, got the frozen yogurt for him, woke him up and when he jerked awake he accidentally stuck his hand in the ice cream. On the way home later he told us “Mommy me just waked up and there was ice cream in my hands!” Just like magic 😉

Mom and I got coffee/cappuccino froyo and mom got a sampler of the mint/shamrock froyo!

Carver has been BEGGING to have a friend over so we invited Brody over – Carver and Brody are 2 weeks apart and have gone to mom’s daycare together for their whole lives. Brody is such a sweet boy and is the calm to Carver’s crazy. Here they are – I asked if I could take a picture before I took Brody home. I said “put your arms around each other like you’re buddies!” This is how they interpreted that:

Tonight I’ve been doing some Spring cleaning/touch ups and rearranging some decor. I can’t wait to show you all once it is done! I’ve got a Spring cleaning bug – so much so that I’ve invited a local antique dealer to come and look through my garage of “once was” antiques to hopefully give them new life and give our garage new life. It’s just chuck full you guys. It would feel so good for a fresh start.

The weather is just beautiful this weekend in northeast Iowa. I think tomorrow we will hit 54 degrees. The plan is to (maybe) run to Home Depot to pick up some supplies and keep our home projects moving! I hope ya’ll are enjoying your weekend too! I’m getting ready to buckle down for a hectic work week – 5 out of 7 nights.

In the meantime guys I just love love love being at home and re prioritizing what I really want out of my life, my family, my work and my marriage. I think this is a real turning point for me. When you’re so burnt out it forces you to reconsider what is truly important. Time is the only non-renewable resource. I don’t intend on wasting it anymore. These past few days have really been therapeutic and helped refocus.

peace out friends ✌?



  1. March 9, 2020 / 8:54 pm

    Good for you to take time for family. You had quite a time with Gannon and really need to get some rest. I always crashed when I had a lot of struggle to get through. As soon as I could relax, I would crash. The adrenaline kept me going through things I guess, but I was exhausted when it was over. Take Care

  2. Elle
    April 18, 2020 / 3:54 pm

    Awesome recognition of your need for self-care and reprioritizing life. Money can’t buy everything and you are proving that less is MORE!

    Hugs to you all!

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