I’ve been busy.

If you’re a regular reader, you are well aware of how much I‘ve been working these past few weeks. Quite honestly, I’m pretty burnt out. I’ve committed to making the extra effort to be 100% engaged while I’m at home with my family to get the most out of time with my boys.

For me, that means a conscious effort to reduce screen time. It means taking a nice deep breath when I’m in a hurry and making sure I include Carver if there is something he can help with. It means reading endless amounts of books as many times as they want. Yesterday it even meant skipping a blog post so I could play hairstyle. heres a look into the past few family days:

It is no secret that my mom is a master chef of all things dough and comfort food. Here she is making Stromboli with Carver. Carver absolutely LOVES to help as you can tell. When Carver’s mind isn’t engaged, Carver tends to get a little naughtier so while it takes twice as long, I make a conscious effort to make sure to include him in as much as I can. After raising five of her own kids and teaching childcare, my mom is the queen of training “helpers” as you can see.

Fun fact: Carver LOVES doing dishes. It takes twice as long and there’s so much more water on the floor than there should be but man he loves to help with chores!

We’ve been working on wrapping up birthday celebrations for Gannon and Georgia. Georgia’s birthday was on Wednesday so here they are at their millionth birthday celebration (this one happens to be at childcare) blowing out the candles on their pudding!

I decided one day I was going to work on teaching Carver how to shop for gifts for others. It was my mom’s birthday so I took him to the dollar tree when he was about 2 and told him to pick out ANYTHING he wanted in the entire store to buy for Grandma Joey. We walked up and down all the aisles looking at our options and when it came time to choose, Carver picked to buy Grandma Joey red paper plates. So now, for every Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day, etc. we buy my mom red paper plates and make a big deal every time we use them.

We’ve been working on arts and crafts! Carver here is working on watercolor painting. When really just turned into him getting his paper as wet as possible in between bites of waffle! Yay!

We’ve been getting SO MANY SNUGGLES in. I don’t know how much longer they will last so I’m soaking them all up!

I didn’t post a blog post yesterday. Here’s why:

Carver was busy “coloring my hair” and “doing my makeup” last night in between watching farming on the TV during my usual blog writing time and well, priorities.

Instead enjoy this extremely unflattering picture of the only way Carver will let me lay so he can play “hairstyle” which is my head hanging off the couch and hair touching the floor. We are still working on brushing as Carver likes to twirl the hairbrush.

I just don’t have the heart to tell him his goggles are not properly fitted. He said “Mom! Make sure you can see my boots in the picture!!”

This little boy right here is a fish. My goodness he isn’t afraid of water AT ALL. He will stick his head under a running faucet, he would spend hours on end in the bathtub if I let him!

I’ve been working on sight words with Carver. He knows his letters SO WELL and I really think if I work with him he could be reading in a year from now. Carver is so smart when he is engaged and learning but if he is left to his own devices he gets naughty and he wants to rot his brain watching “farming” on TV.

This is actually an activity I found on my mom’s website makinglearningfun.com. Before blog life, my mom’s career was in building this massive early childhood education website that is full of coloring pages, activities, themes, Etc. check it out!

Oofda! So I’ve been BUSY in the best way possible! I have two more days off after today and the only goal I really have is to get laundry done and catch up on all the “momming” I’ve been missing out on these crazy past two months!

Thanks for reading! See you tomorrow morning!



  1. Becky
    March 6, 2020 / 11:53 am

    Both of your boys and you are very photogenic! Carver is full of energy, while Gannon looks laid back!

  2. Joy in Nw Iowa
    March 6, 2020 / 12:30 pm

    Nice you get some mom time!

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