It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…

I was super not prepared for snow on the ground this morning. Snow on the ground when you have kids in school means digging out hats, gloves, boots, snow pants, THE WHOLE WORKS. I was super not ready. So I spent the morning on Amazon, Carhartt, and Target trying to clothe my family.

First up, to Amazon because I know exactly what boots I want to buy for Carver. He got the same ones last year, just needs a new size upgrade. I highly recommend these boots (obviously) because I’m snagging them again this year. They velcro nicely and are lined with sherpa for the extra warmth. They’ve got girls colors too! I’ll be getting a pair for Gannon too here in a few years! Also note – these boots are ranked #1 in girl’s snow boots and #1 in boys snow boots in the entirety of Amazon! HERE IS THE LINK:

Next up, I’m so over scraping my windshield – especially after overnights. I have to park further away at this job so I can’t just run out and start my car quick before I get off of work so I’m investing in one of these hickey doos to cover my windshield on overnights. It’s got amazing reviews but I’ll let you know what I think of it once I’ve used it a time or two. Here is the link:

Next up, boots for mama. I’ve been buying these Bear Paw boots – I wear a size 12 W and the 12 fits me great (even with my wide calves!) and I wear these every second I set foot outside whether they go with my outfit or not. Yes – they are expensive. YES I will continue buying them every winter until I die! The boots from last year will be more of my “muck” boots and this new pair will be prefect for nicer outfits. I wear them with sweatpants, leggings, dresses – comfort above all else and these are DAMN comfy! HERE IS THE LINK:

If you don’t like the taller version, here’s a link to a shorter version – a little cheaper, a little shorter, and more color/sizing options. I personally prefer the TALL boot because I never want snow in my boots – even when I’m in a snow drift. I usually get a black pair every year too! HERE IS THE LINK:

AND another item (that I think would make an awesome gift) Is Prestone De-Icer Spray! This cuts my scraping time in half. I go through cans pretty quick so it’s nice that amazon sells a six pack – bonus – it also has a scraper attached. This is a winter staple for me – I get so mad when I don’t have any. Craig always steals mine out of my car if he’s out so I’m stocking up for sure! HERE IS THE LINK!

Okay! That’s enough ordering for one day – not to mention the Carhartt order I’m putting in for Craig and the boys but BONUS – they give discounts for nurses, military, first responders, and fireman – a full 20% discount! That will be a separate blog post. Thanks for reading guys!

If you ever purchase any amazon products from MY link, I do get commission. If you buy, let’s just say, $150 worth of other stuff while you’re on Amazon by following my link, I also get commission on those things you purchase. It’s a way to support my blog and it is a way to score some great quality products. I just want to be honest with you guys. I would have raved about this product even if I didn’t make any money off of it.


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