It’s a GREAT Day to be a Kramer!

You all know how families can be. Sometimes I dread get togethers with all of my 4 siblings. More often than not, someone would leave with some ruffled feathers. We are a lot. We are loud. There’s a ton of us. Rules have been made like “no drinking after Mom and Dad go to bed” and “no politics allowed” after the 2016 Thanksgiving disaster. I think this is pretty common for siblings. Someone usually gets rubbed the wrong way somewhere during the day.


We decided the food was the best Thanksgiving food EVER (my brother fried a turkey!)

We decided the grands got along the best they ever have.

We decided us adults got along the best we ever have.

We decided it was the BEST THANKSGIVING we’ve ever had together.

No fighting, (adults or children) and we just had a blast.

Buck and Lora have a beautiful home and have hosted several times. Lora is a wonderful host. Her sweet potatoes were AMAZING! Buck nailed the turkey and ham! Kayla had a beautiful and delicious charcuterie board (I was a huge fan of the stuffed blue cheese green olives), Mom made pie and her best batch of deviled eggs yet. I brought my usual green bean casserole and my usual cherry cheesecake (nobody had room for the cheesecake so I’m taking it to Friedman Thanksgiving), and Kelli brought her orange fluff salad (her specialty). Karl brought himself and the booze πŸ™‚

I had a coworker who was SO KIND to come in early for me on Thursday morning so we could get a head start on travel (thanks Amanda!) But after working the night before, I went into a turkey coma HARD – so hard that I fell asleep on the couch in the middle of all the chaos and the grands stacked every single stuffed animal they had on me! the adults played ticket to ride (which I’ve recently come to LOVE!) while I snoozed.

I seriously felt so grateful on the way home. My heart was so full. I love all the littles so much. I’m so grateful for our family. I’m so grateful for my siblings. It was such a GREAT day. The only thing that would make it better is if Dad was with us. Buck sent us all a message later that night and I think it summed up our day really well: “It’s a great day to be a Kramer!” I agree πŸ™‚

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, I’ll give you a Friedman fam Thanksgiving post soon too!

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  1. Elle
    November 29, 2021 / 3:04 pm

    Love the fluffy animal pile to hug you and keep you warm-sweet kiddos πŸ™‚ Yea!!!! For happy family times. The dinner spread sounds delish.

    Wishing you a fabulous week. And Craig is done with harvest. Yippee!!!!!

  2. Kim J LeMere
    December 1, 2021 / 3:31 am

    What a wonderful Thanksgiving you all had, happy day for sure. I did love seeing all those smiling faces, from youngest to oldest. Happy Thanksgiving Kramer clan.

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