Hey guys – I’ve got some exciting news – I have a podcast now! And my first episode is out! EEK!

I’ve been talking about it for awhile now and I finally pulled the trigger! I had some downtime today to record and it was SO EASY. I used an app/website called anchor to put it all together.

Check out my super FANCY recording studio – HA! Hopefully sometime soon I’ll get a nicer microphone to record! (maybe even record some of my music!)

To listen to my podcast, you can follow this link: https://anchor.fm/thepinkshoelaces/episodes/Episode-One-Starting-emlrj8

You can find me on Spotify and listen for free! I’m hopefully going to launch on a few more platforms someday but for today that’s where you can find me.

I had a busy day off today. I have Carver and Gannon home on Wednesdays so we spent breakfast time working on our Spanish flashcards:

And then we worked on a few puzzles. We measure how fast we can do a puzzle but how many replays of Shake It Off by Taylor Swift it takes to put it together. I LOVE Taylor Swift music and I love sharing that love with Carver. We also did some stretching/exercise which Carver is all about these days. They started having gym class at preschool and he loves it.

Tomorrow is a busy day – meeting with my personal trainer at 0530, then Gannon has speech therapy at 0900, then Gannon has a zoom meeting with his keystone team at 1100, then I have to nap with him before Carver gets off the bus and I head in to work night shift!

I feel like I had a nice relaxing day today, my first FULL day off since last Thursday. I checked quite a few things off my to do list and I’m ready to hit the ground running tomorrow (literally). Thanks for reading! Check out my latest posts to make sure you didn’t miss any!


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  1. Elle
    November 19, 2020 / 2:56 pm

    I love the second language learning now while his little brain is so supple to the growth!!!

    Yea for a fun activity filled family day 🙂

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