How did we choose the name Anders Allen?

I’m typing this blog post at about 37 weeks pregnant. We’ve been set on this baby name since I was about 16 weeks pregnant. I’ve got a whole note in my phone saved with all the baby names I had picked out and I haven’t looked at it since about April when we agreed on Anders Alexander Friedman.

Anders has a few pronunciations but we are going with and-ers instead of the original Scandinavian pronunciation of ahhnd-ers.

It’s very important that to us that the names we pick for our children have some kind of meaning or that they are named after someone in our family. Anders was the name of my great – grandfather who moved to America from Sweden in the early 1900s. Anders is my mom’s – dad’s – father’s name. When he came to America he changed his name from Anders to Andrew for a more “Americanized” name.

Carver and Gannon were both almost named Andrew, I really love the name so Andrew was again, in the running until we came across Anders.

Alexander is Craig’s middle name which was not a family name when it was given to him. We wondered for awhile if Anders Alexander was too rhymey but after we’ve been saying it now for 6 months or so it really feels right. I think it has a good ring to it.

*NOTE* I’m coming back to edit this post now after he’s born. We were in the hospital after he was born and we had never really discussed a different middle name until Craig said “Let’s name him Anders Allen instead.” Craig was holding him, looking at him, and said he wanted him to be named after my Dad “because there isn’t a day that goes by I don’t miss him.” So Anders Allen Friedman it is.

My Dad’s middle name was Allen, my brother Karl’s middle name is Allan. That’s a funny story too! My mom just had delivered Karl and they were discussing names. They decided on Karl and Dad couldn’t remember if his middle name was spelled ALLAN or ALLEN but was pretty sure it was ALLAN. Well, he was wrong so Karl is named after my Dad, just with the wrong spelling as Karl ALLAN. I ha to consult our sibling’s group chat to make sure I wasn’t making the same mistake although we also think the world of my brother Karl.

We are a family who often uses middle names. Carver John is my Carver Johnny Jumper Boy. When he’s at baseball games and he’s up to bat, I’ll yell from the stands, “Come on Johnny!” so he knows who is cheering for him. Gannon introduces himself as “Gannon Jofus Friedman” (Gannon Joseph Friedman) or his preschool teacher just informed us that he asks that his classmates call him “Ganjo” which is has been his nick-name since he was born. Gannon LOVES that he is named after his Grandma Joey.

We’ve been pretty open about the name we’ve chosen, it’s not a secret we’ve been keeping. My brother Karl says he’s going to call him DERZZ!!! We will see what other nicknames arise for him over time.

So if you’re reading this, we have had the baby and that’s the name we decided on! I hope I can publish this post soon, I’m pretty over being pregnant right now.

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