Homemade Sesame Chicken!

So I made this recipe up! and I HATE when the bloggers take FOREVER to share the recipe so I’m going to GIVE you the recipe and we will talk later:

You’ll need

  1. Chicken breasts
  2. Italian bread crumbs
  3. Parmesan cheese
  4. Flour
  5. Veggies of your choosing
  6. Coconut aminos or soy sauce
  7. Toasted sesame oil
  8. Cauliflower rice or regular rice
  9. Sesame sauce – I got mine from Walmart

Kalissa’s Homemade Sesame Chicken

  1. Take some chicken breasts out – I used about 4-5.
  2. Cut the chicken breasts into bite size pieces.
  3. Create a breading – I just used italian bread crumbs and parmesan cheese – about half and half
  4. Take some flour and sprinkle it over the chicken breast – stir this up so the flour becomes tacky and coats the pieces.
  5. Spread the bread crumbs/parm cheese mix over the chicken – stir that around so it coats the pieces.
  6. Put the chicken pieces in the air fryer for about long enough to cook – I take the pan out every once and awhile and shake it to keep the pieces from sticking.
  7. While that’s going on, throw some random veggies and stir them up. I used broccoli, mushrooms, sweet peppers, green onions, etc. I sauteed them in sesame oil and coconut aminos (it’s like soy sauce without all the sodium!)
  8. I made cualiflower rice for me but I made regular rice for Craig.
  9. I topped the chicken once it was cooked and shook it all up with this sesame sauce I got at Walmart! I also added sesame seeds on top of the chicken.
  10. Mix all together and enjoy!

So the chicken was SO GOOD – like I’ll make chicken wings with this same technique/recipe. It was so good. I was meal prepping for the week and this is what Craig said he wanted to eat this week so it was pretty easy. Here is the sesame sauce I found at Walmart. I also found one an amazon that is LOW FOMAP which I am recently exploring since my blog readers suggested it to ease some of my recent health issues! It’s spendy but I wanted to offer an option for those with food sensitivities! https://amzn.to/3wy0YrF

Craig is officially in the field tonight – night one of MANY late nights without him! Tis the season when you’re married to a farmer! The boys are loving playing on the rock pile! It will be a sad day when we actually spread out the gravel as we intend to do soon! The boys are having so much fun with it!

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  1. April 6, 2021 / 2:07 pm

    That looks really good! I don’t have an air fryer, but I imagine it would work in an oven. Thanks for the recipe.

    • thepinkshoelaces
      April 9, 2021 / 1:58 am

      I LOVE my air fryer! I keep it out on my counter all the time! I feel like it is much faster than an oven and gets things crispier!

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter
    April 6, 2021 / 8:11 pm

    This looks fabulous!!! How many meals for the 4 of you will you get out of this…or is this an adult meal and the boys will eat something different? Thank you for sharing the recipe immediately! How are you feeling after your bike crash??

    • thepinkshoelaces
      April 9, 2021 / 1:57 am

      All four of us at! So like 3 adults? It easily could be expanded!

  3. Cinders 70
    April 7, 2021 / 3:36 am

    This recipe sounds delicious! I could not read the instructions tho…I will try to read again! Love your blog. Busy times with little ones and demands of the spring in farming country!

    • thepinkshoelaces
      April 9, 2021 / 1:58 am

      Oh Bummer – sometimes it helps to look in a different browser – like I’m on google chrome now but then opening it in mozilla or firefox or safari or explorer etc. Let me know if you still have troubles!

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