Helen – You’re the Best

I got SUCH a nice comment from a reader named Helen the other day:

As a reader I see you’ve mentioned writers block a few times but while I was reading a particular post I’ve never felt like the post was just filler or anything. I never would’ve thought you had writers block. I’ve always enjoyed all of the posts. Even though some are just what you guys have done over the weekend or how the day went, they’ve been very relatable and fun to read. Sometimes those are the best posts IMO. My favorite posts that your mom does have always been about the family and day to day happenings.

Maybe you could do some regularly scheduled posts on a topic? Like your mom regularly features shows she watching/books she’s reading and mail she gets. Maybe something like that? Or maybe you could do a few here and there about recipes you’ve tried/love, toys or books the boys really love and you’d recommend, or maybe for the upcoming holidays you could feature any decorations you’ve put up, if you guys decorate?

So Helen, first of all, your comment totally made my day AND it gave me fuel for a new blog post. Thank you for reading and commenting, you’re just like my favorite human right now.

So Helen mentioned that I talk about some shows I’m watching or books I’m reading: I’ve been watching Jeopardy with Craig every night for like 20 minutes before bed which is actually like my favorite part of the day. It’s on Netflix and we love to show off and compete with each other. We are still obsessed with Hamilton so if we find any behind the scenes videos or like interviews we’ve been watching those. Here’s one that really made me laugh the other day:

We’ve also been (very slowly) watching The Last Czar on Netflix which is this awesome mix between a documentary series and like a historians take on the Romanov empire but I haven’t finished the series yet.

Helen also mentioned I could blog about any new recipes I love! Which reminds me of how much I LOVE grocery pickup at Walmart! I’ve used it several times now. I’ve yet to have to get out of my car, load my own groceries, and I feel like I’m sticking so much closer to my grocery budget.

See that box of Rotini? It’s actually got half the carbs that traditional pasta has because the noodles are made out of Chickpeas! I personally can’t taste a difference when I whipped up some chicken parmesan today to meal prep for my weekend at work.

I’m so bad at recipes. I usually just make stuff up as I go and I can never make the dish taste the same way twice! We’ve got a lot of breakfast food in the Friedman house – pancakes scrambled eggs and sausage is such a classic Friedman family meal. I do have a few favorites that I’ve posted on the blog, here’s that link.

Helen also mentioned I could share pictures of our seasonal decor which leads me to a funny story – I don’t decorate at all. When I was little, my mom made crafts for a living. There was a monthly decoration box and then a seasonal decoration box and we spent SO MUCH TIME changing the seasons and months that it just burnt me out! I hated decorating days because it meant cleaning and hauling boxes up and down stairs.

No, I don’t resent my mom because she had a decoration for all 365 days of the year, I just don’t want to decorate my house monthly or seasonally. We do put up a tree for Christmas and a nativity scene but that’s about as festive as we get. I don’t have time to hardly decorate my house at like a baseline. Plus, we just don’t spend our money on that stuff. I have one “seasonal” letter felt board that I change a few times a year if I feel like it. But then Craig changes “Summer lovin’, had me a blast” to this:

I don’t know what it even means but it has been hanging up like this for months now and it gives me a giggle every time I walk by.

We put up a Christmas tree and that’s the end of our seasonal decor. I will light a pumpkin candle? Does that count? I got some pumpkin febreeze thr other day? I’m just so against clutter and excess and having closets busting with storage. I’m not AGAINST decorating, it just isn’t for me. Plus, I’m too picky and it is too depressing taking down Christmas decorations.

So Helen, good news – my writers block is totally gone. This is like the 4th blog post I’ve pounded out today. I think you were my inspiration. Thank you for reading and commenting. Helen, you’re the best. That’s all I have for today folks!

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  1. Ellie
    September 15, 2020 / 12:37 pm

    Glad your writers block is gone. You certainly seem to have beaten it ! I enjoy reading about your day, even if that seems boring to you. Now that my social life is more restricted this is like a brief visit with a friend! Keep up the good work!

  2. September 15, 2020 / 2:48 pm

    I too am a Hamilton fan and I just finished a book I have to share with you. The title is My Dear Hamilton by Stephanie Dray. The story is fiction and non-fiction and is told through the eyes of Eliza Hamilton. I listened to the audio book and have saved it to give it a listen again. There were several times I thought to tell you about it but forgot. I hope you enjoy it as well. I just decorated for fall and tried to enjoy it. When I take down the fall decorations for Christmas I think I will just get rid of most of it. I’m getting too old to trek up and down the stairs with boxes. My kids are out of the house and I don’t want to burden them with helping me.

  3. Helen A
    September 16, 2020 / 1:43 am

    Just checked your blog… what a shock, a feel like a celebrity now hahaha. I really enjoy your blog and you’re someone I admire a lot so I’m happy my comment could help.

    I will have to check out that pasta. I’ve never heard of it but it sounds interesting. We use Schipt and we also find that we are sticking more to our budget versus shopping in store.

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