Healthy Grocery Haul!

I’m all for finding and sharing new groceries! I love trying new things. I wanted to share my recent healthy grocery haul. If you follow my personal page, @kalissageorgia on instagram, you already had a sneak peak in my stories!

Has anybody tried my bacon cabbage bowl recipe yet? Find that here:

I’ve literally been eating a cabbage bowl once a day! I’ve found this power/superfood cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprout mix at Fareway and this is my favorite addition to my cabbage bowl vs. the generic coleslaw mix I’ve been using. I also upgraded my lime mayonaise to this:

It’s got a bit more kick, a bit more flavor, and a bit more natural fat. I also add this in my cabbage bowl! Now let’s talk PEANUT BUTTER!

I love chobani flips and these are my sweet treats – the peanut butter is my FAVE! And now I love it even more now that I added….

So this is peanut butter powder – all the flavor of peanut butter without the fat content. I add this to my shakes and now my chobani fips! I’m super excited about this product! I usually have no trouble getting my fat in for the day so I’m happy with this replacement!

And of course, I need a little salty/crunchy. Pork rinds do it for me! I love that these are fried in sunflower seed oil too – it adds an extra level of flavor. These would be awesome for a keto or Whole 30 diet. Sea salt and cracked pepper are my go to flavor – can’t go wrong!

Last but not least, I’m always raving about creamy cauliflower soup whenever I can find it (which has been super rare since the pandemic began). Have you found it? Have you tried it? Do you love it? Let me know in the comments – I’ve had good feedback about the Cabbage Bacon Breakfast Bowl! I love to hear if you try recipes I share! Speaking of which, did you catch my latest recipe post?

I’m off to bed – I meet with my personal trainer in the morning, then Gannon has some new issues we are dealing with – I have an appointment with his GI doctor tomorrow over video so I’ll have a Gannon update by Saturday! Thanks for reading friends!


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