Harvest 2021 Update

Craig has been hard at work in the field for weeks now and we are so excited to finally wrap up beans and get a start on corn! Craig’s parents are also finished in the field for the year! We had some rainy weather for a few days that set them back a bit but we are back on track!

I finally figured out how to get Gannon to smile for the camera! It involves bribery with tractors of course 🙂 He was so excited for his “don-deey-ah” hat! Carver had a full belt full of his toy/plastic tools but I convinced him that he didn’t need a plastic saw to go combining so we compromised and he packed his pliers and pliers holder and his allen wrench.

We also celebrated Craig’s 28th birthday this week. I brought the team burritos from our favorite taco truck to celebrate! Carver was lucky enough to get to ride a few rounds with Craig as they finished up beans on the back 40. Carver LOVED riding along with Craig in the new combine! I got some good pictures of the boys all dressed up and ready to farm. Gannon rode a few rounds too but he was feeling a little under the weather this week so Carver got some 1 on 1 time with his “Da-da” as he still calls him 🙂

I also spent some time in the combine with Craig. I worked 3 days in a row this past weekend and Craig had been in the field for several late nights the week before – we had gone too long without seeing each other. It was so great to get a combine date. We jammed out to some 80s music (Craig’s fave), he showed me some of the new features in the combine, we chatted about our future and vacations we want to take, we chatted about getting out of debt and the flexibility we will have once we reach our goal, it was so good to have some 1 on 1 time. I really hit the lottery when I married Craig.

Overall, things seem to be going smoothly and I’m so thankful that Craig’s employers are welcoming to include our boys throughout the year! We are very blessed and praying for an uneventful harvest!

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  1. Elle
    October 23, 2021 / 3:33 pm

    So glad you got a Combine Date!!! And meaningful conversation time. Nothing like planning for the future to spark joy while being Present with each other.

    Happy Birthday Craig!!!!

  2. Kim J LeMere
    October 23, 2021 / 8:21 pm

    How fun to see the boys enjoying the ride in the combine with dad, Carver needing to take his tools, just in case, makes me smile. Glad you were able to take the opportunity to spend some time with Craig also, and just chat with each other. Happy fall to y’all

  3. Susan the Farm Quilter
    October 24, 2021 / 6:21 am

    Uneventful harvest are always the hope! Machinery that always works, weather that cooperates and everyone healthy!! Looks like you had a good time!

  4. Carolyn
    October 24, 2021 / 4:21 pm

    I love that he left his saw at home but took his pliers and wrench! So much more practical

  5. Joy
    October 25, 2021 / 3:54 am

    Happy you got some time together! I’ve been a farm wife for almost 50 years….in June of 2022 we hope to celebrate 50 years on the farm! Imagine! I brought lunch about 9:30 am, they had dinner at noon (in the field when it was warm), lunch at 3:30, and supper at the home. I was taking 1, then 2, then 3, then 4 children to the field with me. They thought this was great fun!!!! Then hubby would go back to field until ??? It was the only way to spend some time with dad /hubby on the farm. Hubby also had a full time job……. Just another day on the farm…..wouldn’t trade it for anything,,,,enjoy those precious times and memories!

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